We need to talk face to face, not on Twitter – TennisKafe

We need to talk face to face, not on Twitter – TennisKafe
We need to talk face to face, not on Twitter – TennisKafe

Victoria Azarenka defeated Marta Kostyuk in the second round of the US Open, but the result was not the leading topic after the match. The Ukrainian refused to shake hands with the former No. 1, handing her only her racket as a greeting and not even looking her in the eye. After the match, Azarenka shared her perspective on the situation, revealing that while she has spoken out against the war in Ukraine and is trying to help as much as she can, the attitude of Ukrainian female tennis players towards her is not particularly good.

“I was not surprised by what happened. I don’t think we need to make it news. The same thing happened to me after the match with Yastremska in Washington. I always shake hands with my opponents, but the situation is what it is. We have to forget it and move on. I can’t force someone to shake my hand if they don’t want to. The way I felt at that moment, in my opinion, is not the most important thing right now,” said the two-time Australian Open champion.

“I realize that the subject is delicate. As a representative of the WTA, I have repeatedly offered my help, but I am always told that the time is not right. I was never close to Martha. I know who she is, but we’ve never talked or trained together. In March, shortly after I started everything, I contacted all the Ukrainian players I know personally, as I thought it would be a good idea to initiate communication between us. I’ve been adamant from the start that I want to help, but not everyone takes it that way. What I do is not a pose, but out of compassion for people who need support,” Azarenka added.

The Belarusian was adamant that if Kostyuk wanted to talk to her in the future, she would gladly respond.

“For me, the most important thing in this case is to help those in need. There are many children and elderly people who need food and clothing. If Marta wishes to speak with me, I will be available. I am ready to listen to everyone and offer my understanding and sympathy. This has been my message from the very beginning. What is happening in Ukraine is terrible. We should not forget that we are human beings and we should not treat each other in this way.”

“I don’t think Kostyuk is aware of my position in the Players’ Council. With all due respect, she’s not in it. I am ready to talk to anyone, not only because it is the right course of action in such cases, but also because it is part of my job. These are not political or media games. You all know me and are aware that I am a very direct person. If I have something to say, I don’t try to skirt the point. Whenever possible, I prefer to communicate with people in person rather than over the phone. Conversations should be held face-to-face, not on Twitter,” Vika concluded.

In the third round of the US Open, Azarenka will face Petra Martic, who eliminated fourth seed Paula Badosa yesterday.

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