Close to 100 files and documents with a seal secret in Trump’s Mar-a-Lago

Close to 100 files and documents with a seal secret in Trump’s Mar-a-Lago
Close to 100 files and documents with a seal secret in Trump’s Mar-a-Lago

A US court published a detailed inventory on the materials seized by the FBI from the home of former President Donald Trump in Florida last month, reports the BBC.

According to the filing, the agents took 33 boxes of documents, including dozens of empty folders marked classified.

It also reveals several documents marked secret and top secret that were discovered by Trump’s office.

Trump, who is under investigation over his handling of classified documents, has denied wrongdoing.

Among the documents discovered after the unprecedented search of Mar-a-Lago on August 8 were: 3 documents marked as confidential; 17 documents marked secret; 7 documents marked top secret; 43 empty folders with handle secret; 28 blank folders marked “To return to Staff Secretary/Military Assistant”.

When leaving office, US presidents must turn over all their documents and emails to the National Archives. The Justice Department is investigating whether Trump mishandled documents by taking them from the White House to his Mar-a-Lago estate after he leaves office in January 2021.

Prosecutors allege that Trump and his lawyers have not voluntarily provided the relevant documents and “probably are hid or removed” records as part of an effort to obstruct the investigation.

Trump rejected those claims, arguing that he had already declassified the documents he had.

The former president also claims the files were stored securely in a storage facility in Mar-a-Lago. But the inventory released Friday shows that FBI agents removed about 1,500 documents, as well as classified folders that were empty, from Trump’s office.

The court filing also confirmed earlier reports that many records were “mixed in” with personal items, including clothing, books and newspapers.

A more detailed inventory of classified materials seized by the Justice Department in its search of Mar-a-Lago doesn’t shed much light on exactly what was in the documents. What it does reveal, however, is where they were located.

Of the 18 top secret documents listed, 7 were in Trump’s office, not in the storage area of the estate, as well as 17 of the 54 classified documents.

This suggests that these top-secret documents weren’t just gathering dust in boxes in the bowels of Mar-a-Lago, they were in full view of the former president — and that he may have made them available for a reason.

The government list does not go into further detail about where in the president’s office those documents were located, although in a lawsuit earlier this week the Justice Department said three classified items were found in his office desks.

Trump has also publicly complained that the FBI had access to his safe, so that could be another possible location.

The inventory it also shows that many classified documents in the storage room and in Trump’s office were interspersed with photographs, newspaper clippings, “clothes/gifts” and empty folders — which underlies the apparently haphazard method of boxing in and removing material in the last minute and days of Trump’s presidency.

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