Radev praises the official cabinet and blames the “Petkov” cabinet for the price of gas

Bulgaria needs a functioning parliament and a stable regular government, to continue the policy of protecting Bulgarian citizens and businesses in crisis conditions. This was stated by President Rumen Radev to journalists. The head of state singled out the adoption of the legal framework under the Recovery and Sustainability Plan and the undertaking of decisive reforms with a long-term horizon as the main priorities for a future new government.

In response to a question about his expectations from the pre-election campaign, President Radev expressed hope that the parties had learned their lessons and in this campaign “not to burn the bridges over which they will have to negotiate to form a government”. In the words of the head of state, the short life of the last parliaments and the last government are a clear indicator of how far the drawing of continuous red lines, negative campaigns and refusal of dialogue can lead.

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“I hope that the parties will campaign with an eye to the future, to the interests of the society and based on the facts, and not on the abuse of them,” said Radev and added that our society expects this official government to hold fair elections to protect citizens’ vote and not allow it to be distorted by a corporate and controlled vote.

The official cabinet has clear and indisputable priorities, and these are the organization of fair elections and the control of inflation, President Radev pointed out and singled out inflation and price growth as the most serious problems facing Bulgarian citizens. According to him, they depend on a number of factors, but the most important are fuel, gas and electricity prices. “While the mechanism for compensating the high price of electricity is working, albeit with a number of problems, lowering gas and fuel prices requires decisive action,” said the head of state.

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Asked to comment on the shock 19% increase in the price of the blue fuel for the month of September, amounting to BGN 353.21/MWh, President Radev indicated that the huge price jump was due to two liquefied gas tankers contracted in July , the price of which is almost twice as high as the maximum tolerable price announced by businesses and consumers. “Even mixing with Azeri gas cannot mitigate these shockingly high values, and under these inherited circumstances, the official cabinet must make enormous efforts. It must work on all possible options to guarantee reliable supplies at affordable prices,” said the head of state.

“Gazprom is one of the options that has not yet been exhausted, but it is not the only solution and it is not at any price,” stressed President Radev and added that supplies from “Gazprom” can be a good solution only if they are agreed upon good conditions The head of state expressed his expectation that the government will continue active work to reduce fuel prices.

In response to a question about the preparation of the budget for the next year, the head of state indicated that in the conditions of a crisis, there should be no delay in its preparation and adoption. According to Radev, the caretaker government is obliged to develop a budget, regardless of the degree of readiness, and hand it over to the next regular government.

Rumen Radev met with the President of the UAE

Rumen Radev met with the President of the UAE

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