Live: Pirin – Botev Vratsa (Lineups) – BG football

Live: Pirin – Botev Vratsa (Lineups) – BG football
Live: Pirin – Botev Vratsa (Lineups) – BG football

Pirin Blagoevgrad and Botev Vratsa play with a score of 1:1 in the first match of the 9th round of the efbet League. Petar Zanev scored a ridiculous own goal in the 45th minute after Tom Zarandona’s cross and a mistake by Yanko Georgiev. In the added time of the first half, Radoslav Tsonev crossed from a corner and Stanislav Kostov equalized with a header. In the 68th minute, Krasimir Stanoev made the turnaround for Pirin complete, after heading Vyacheslav Velev’s cross.

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Pirin – Botev Vr 2:1

0:1 Petar Zanev (45′) ag. 1:1 Stanislav Kostov (45+3′), 2:1 Krasimir Stanoev (68′)

The match started with a strong home pressure, and by the 4th minute, Krasimir Petrov’s men had two great chances to score. In the 4th minute, Stanislav Kostov jumped over Messi Biatumusoka and directed the ball to Martin Smolenski, who shot from less than a meter, but in the path of the ball stood Diego Ferrareso, who managed to stop it on its way to the goal.

In the 6th minute, Kostov made a good save after a strong shot from a distance by Vencislav Benguyuzov. 6 minutes later, the ball reached Petar Zanev to the right of the visitors’ goal, but he shot inaccurately.

In the following minutes, the pressure of the Blagoevgrad team continued and Botev Vratsa had to defend himself more. A little before half an hour had passed, Kostov was brought into the penalty area and returned the ball to Martin Smolenski, whose shot went over Botev Vratsa’s goal, but Pirin’s center forward was also adjudged to have been ambushed.

In the 35th minute, there was a cannonade in front of the visitors’ goal. Ivan Tasev shot first, and Kostov saved. However, the ball reached Borislav Tsonev, who tried to direct the ball towards the goal area with his heel, but Messi Biatumusoka blocked it, and Stanoev’s subsequent shot was blocked by Ferrareso.

Half a minute before the regular time of the first half, Tom Zarandona managed to pass two players of the home team on the left wing. A cross into the box followed and it looked like Yanko Georgiev was going to catch the ball. Instead, the experienced keeper let the ball pass through his hands and reach the trailing Petar Zanev, who headed in a neat own goal.

However, the answer from Krasimir Petrov’s people came very quickly. In the third minute of added time, Radoslav Tsonev crossed the ball from a corner kick to the right of the Vracani goal. At the border of the goalkeeper’s field, Stanislav Kostov fought for position and headed Krasimir Kostov’s goal – 1:1.

So the two teams went home for the break with an equal score.

The second half was a bit more even, but again the hosts were the team that attempted more attacks.

In one attack just before the hour mark, there were doubts that Diego Ferrareso had touched the ball with his hand in the penalty area. After a VAR review, it was determined that there was no hand contact and play continued.

So it came to the 68th minute, when Vyacheslav Velev received the ball on the right wing. A cross to the near post followed, where Krasimir Stanoev positioned himself well and sent the ball into the net with a beautiful diving header to the delight of the home fans.

In the 71st minute, Radi Tsonev was sent through the center, but his shot went past the left side post.

Starting lineups:

Pyrin: 21. Yanko Georgiev, 38. Alexander Dyulgerov, 73. Ventsislav Bengyuzov, 19. Vyacheslav Velev, 26. Ivan Tasev (74′ – 7. Kitan Vasilev), 31. Krasimir Stanoev (74′ – 23. Kazuki Takahashi), 18. Martin Smolenski, 3. Petar Zanev (k), 17. Radoslav Tsonev, 29. Stanislav Kostov, 45. Hristofor Hubchev

Reservations: 1. Mario Kirev, 25. Ilian Kostov, 23. Kazuki Takahashi, 7. Kitan Vasilev, 9. Preslav Yordanov, 10. Slavcho Shokolarov, 6. Yulian Popev

Head Coach: Krasimir Petrov

Botev Vr: 76. Krasimir Kostov (k), 8. Diego Ferrareso, 9. Daniel Genov, 14. Martin Atanasov, 15. Miroslav Marinov (62′ – 91. Ventsislav Hristov), ​​18. Clary Serber, 20. Messi Biatumusoka, 21. Jean Pierre Da Silva, 24. Stefan Gavrilov, 37. Tom Zarandona, 88. Johan Valbuena

Reservations: 34. Federico Rubio, 7. Mitko Panov, 16. Plamen Spasov, 22. Petar Kepov, 23. Brian Mendoza, 28. Radoslav Zahariev, 91. Ventsislav Hristov

Head Coach: Rosen Kirilov

Judge: Stanimir Trenchev

Yellow cards: Martin Smolensky, Alexander Dyulgerov (P); Claire Serber (B)

Official: Black Sea took Isa as Serduk’s replacement

Botev Pd fans cheered on the players before the derby with Loko Pd

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