The supplies of natural gas from Russia should not become

The supplies of natural gas from Russia should not become
The supplies of natural gas from Russia should not become

President Rumen Radev stated that the resumption of natural gas supplies from Russia should not happen at any cost.

After the two-day official visit to the United Arab Emirates, Rumen Radev commented on the new price of natural gas in our country announced yesterday and emphasized that even Azeri gas cannot help us reach the maximum price of BGN 250 desired by the business.

Gazprom is one option that has not yet been exhausted, but it should be clear that Gazporm is not the only solution and not at any price. “Gazprom is a solution only if good conditions are achieved such as price and rescheduling of deliveries,” he emphasized.

Radev directly blamed the previous administration for the high price of natural gas.

“And it should be clear that this huge jump in price is due to two liquefied gas tankers contracted in July, the price of which is almost twice the maximum acceptable price announced by businesses and consumers,” the head of state also said .

On the first day of the election campaign, Rumen Radev stated that it is most important that it lead to a stable parliament and a regular government.

“I very much hope that the parties have learned their lessons and in this campaign do not burn the bridges over which they will have to negotiate to form a government. The short lives of the last parliaments and the last government are a clear indication of how far drawing continuous red lines, the negative campaigns and the refusal of dialogue,” commented the president.

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