A reduction in the price of natural gas is possible

A reduction in the price of natural gas is possible
A reduction in the price of natural gas is possible

The industry reported a good first half, made possible by albeit belated compensation for sky-high electricity prices. The second half of the year began with even higher natural gas prices, which are facing serious difficulties for companies consuming larger quantities of natural gas, especially those that use it for raw material and also for technological needs – this was stated by Vasil Velev from the Association of industrial capital in Bulgaria in the studio of “More of the Day” on BNT.

He explained that unlike electricity, profits from sky-high natural gas prices go overseas. Accordingly, these profits and excess profits are not accumulated with us so that they can be redistributed and compensated to consumers.

“Therefore, our efforts are aimed at reducing the price at which natural gas is delivered to Bulgaria, and we believe that this is possible,” Velev emphasized.

The launch of the interconnector from October 1 and the resumption of supplies under the existing contract with “Gazprom Export” – these are the two possibilities for reducing the price of the natural gas we consume. Not allowing this connection would increase the costs of consumers in our country at 250 euros per megawatt hour on the international markets by 235 million in one month, noted Vasil Velev.

Nearly 250 million euros per month at the current price on the international markets is practically money that is either not paid as a salary increase or is paid by the Bulgarian citizens as increased prices in the store.

“That is why inflation in our country, and because of the price of electricity, is 17.3%, but this is at retail prices. According to producer prices for the month of July on an annual basis, it is 42.5%, while on the domestic market it is 56%.” , Vasil Velev also emphasized.

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