The match against Levski will be more special

The match against Levski will be more special
The match against Levski will be more special

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The coach of Lokomotiv Sofia Stanislav Genchev expressed his opinion after the 1:2 loss to Slavia at the Alexander Shalamanov Stadium. He admitted that the next match against Levski will be more special.

I can say that the match started in the best way for us. We had some dangerous counter-attacks, but we didn’t score the second goal. In the second half, the first 15 minutes were very bad for us. We made two big mistakes. We conceded an equaliser. After another blunder, we allowed Slavia to score the second goal. We weren’t as active in attack as before the break. In the last few minutes we made spontaneous pressure, it came to a melee, but it was not enough”Genchev commented.

General conclusions should not be drawn from one match, let alone from one half. Our performance at half-time was not at all to give the initiative to Slavia. We have to keep it up. We managed until the equalizing goal, but after a gross mistake, Slavia equalized“, continued the specialist.

There is no easy match for us. We must learn from mistakes, analyze and train. There are quite a few things that need to be ironed out. We play successfully at our stadium, I hope it will be the same against Levski. I think he will be ready (br. Julian Nenov), he will be carded and he will be able to play. We will judge during the week whether as a starter or from the bench“, he shared.

Levski is one of the giants of Bulgaria. It will be a more special match, especially for those who played in Levski. They give the three points in every single match. It is important for us to play wellGenchev also said

A this is what the hero said about Slavia.

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