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The parties rode the Tobacco City electorally

Half a dozen citizens and a handful of activists from “Vazrazhdane” and “Democratic Bulgaria” were the only ones who responded to the invitation of the Acting Minister of Culture Velislav Minekov for a debate on the future of the Tobacco City in Plovdiv. In 48 hours, the minister made three raids to Plovdiv, but nothing constructive came out of his visits. Velislav Minekov turned out to be part of a clumsy political action that brought together the supposedly incompatible “Democratic Bulgaria” and “Vazrazhdane” side by side, riding the sluggish wave of populism.

Helicopters drop food, water and medicine to those in distress in the Sub-Balkans

Helicopters drop water, food and medicine to those in need in Karlovsko. This was said at a briefing by the Chief of Defense, Adm. Emil Eftimov, who visited the village of Karavelovo, which was significantly affected by the torrential rains. The director of the General Directorate of Public Security, ch. Commissioner Nikolay Nikolov pointed out that the dam on the Stryama River was damaged in two places. “I want to express my gratitude to the volunteers and the local authorities for everything they have done. A while ago I spoke with the Minister of Regional Development Ivan Shishkov. He made his commitments regarding infrastructure – to restore roads and bridges. It is a miracle that until now “There is no news of seriously injured or dead people. It is truly a miracle – such a flood that poured out of the sky does not happen every time,” he pointed out.

We went for mint cheese because it’s half price

The galloping inflation made many Bulgarians to do their shopping well and to save money by buying cheaper and poor quality goods.

Production of vegetable-fat cheese rose during the summer months, Agriculture Ministry data showed. In July, the dairies brought 1,062 tons of “fake” cheese to the market, and in June was the peak – nearly 1,400 tons.

For comparison – in the previous months, the production of imitation cheese was 900-950 tons. In total, for the seven months of this year, consumers have bought nearly 7,500 tons, which includes vegetable fats.

One reason for the higher production is demand, as the price of the imitation product is half that of the real cheese.

Contemporary art in Plovdiv: A Roma artist decorates a Mercedes

Under the motto “The weight of existence”, the 28th edition of the Contemporary Art Week in Plovdiv started today, which will last until September 11. Remarkable performances and provocative installations will be located at various locations in the city, as well as temporary artistic interventions in the urban environment. This year, the artists included in the exhibition are: Lachezar Boyadzhiev, Emil Mirazchiev, Venelin Shurelov, Veronika Tsekova, Desislava Terzieva, Sevdalina Kochevska, Boryana Ventsislavova, Ariel Reichman, Selma Selman and Elena Bellantoni.

The “Kamenitsa” cascade will “dance” every night

“After Being” – a video installation by Emil Mirazchiev, will make the “Kamenitsa” stunt “dance” every night. This work, specially created for Contemporary Art Week 2022, is a video revealing a beautiful dance of two people. The beauty and lightness of the dance is a metaphor for the spiritual and the sublime, which detaches us from earthly cares.

Spider on the facade of the Central Post Office

A drawing with non-perishable materials on the facade of the Central Post Office by Lachezar Boyadzhiev shows us a supposedly familiar sight, but with a “bug” – a spider weaving an atypical web like a grid. This tease and wink challenges the viewer to think about routine and unexpected change. In the words of Boyadzhiev, “this is an attempt to identify with the way it works, a spider works – again and again, as if time has stopped, and the city has become silent and as if thinking…”

Orchestra “Kamchia” is waiting for Vasco the Frog to gild them

For the Varna orchestra “Kamchiya”, a wedding raises a house, and a baptism feeds a house. But it’s good that every musician has another profession. Boris Ivanov is the leader of the band, and his wife Snezhina is his singer. The two have been singing at parties and restaurants since they were 14 years old. They are the successors of the group’s founders, Maria and Ivan, who have not been singing for years. And they are exactly on the clip of “Combine-thresher”, which has conquered Tik-Tok in the Balkans.

No one knows who dropped the atomic bomb on the web with Vasco the Frog and Tsetsa the Toad. “It’s a very ordinary song for us. We perform hundreds more times in our repertoire, why it became such a hit – I don’t know! I saw great simplicity – one sang it with a broom, and another with a vacuum cleaner! How do these things happen”, wonders Boris Ivanov. On weekdays, the head of “Kamchia” is engaged in construction work, he is at work all day and has little time to follow the musical fashions of the Balkans.

Rachkov vs. Stoichkov in the rating race

Traditionally, at the beginning of September, when the new TV season begins, the fierce battle between televisions for viewers begins. To the average person, this means absolutely nothing, except a difficult choice with the remote in front of the TV. However, the big players start pulling trump after trump up their sleeve.

In fact, preparations for the new television season begin at the beginning of the year. Then the castings are announced for participation in the most rated shows or for new ones with which the media in question has arranged the rights. Individual episodes are shot, then edited and timed for the fall. Each of the big televisions is loaded with “bombs” – each more powerful than the other. For months, producers have been bidding for presenters, but in the end there are almost no new faces. It is betting on the sure thing, which over the years has filled more than one or two bank accounts. And what the dear viewer will prefer this season remains a complete mystery, the solution of which the leading television stations are trembling.

After a well-deserved summer break from September 5, host Mikhail Bilalov and the participants in the legendary television game “Become Rich” are ready to share knowledge and give bTV viewers a new dose of high-quality family entertainment.

Top designer Karim Rashid: No black at home

Karim Rashid faces his biggest professional and personal challenge – building his own home. And instead of this cause inspiring him, it turns out that for him, in a certain sense, it is… torture!

He is the element in the world of design! He is called the megastar of the world of industrial design, and his new home is in modernist design. with high ceilings, large windows and a flat roof – all these elements only complement its minimalist design. The apartment is due to be completed in January 2023. However, Karim continues to hesitate on any decision related to it. The only thing he is sure of is that there will be nothing black in his home.

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