Trump hurled insults at Biden, FBI agents found empty folders marked “classified”

Trump hurled insults at Biden, FBI agents found empty folders marked “classified”
Trump hurled insults at Biden, FBI agents found empty folders marked “classified”

Former US President Donald Trump said the sharp rebuke he received from incumbent President Joe Biden to “MAGA Republicans” on Thursday was a threat to use military force.

Biden, who recently described Trump’s right-wing ideology as “semi-fascism,” delivered a fiery prime-time speech against Trump’s GOP wing at Independence Hall in Philadelphia.

“Not every Republican, not even a majority of Republicans, are supporters of the MAGA idea – an acronym for MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN (Let’s Make America Great Again). Not every Republican accepts their ultimate ideology,” Biden said.

“But there is no doubt that the Republican Party today is dominated, run and intimidated by Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans. And that is a threat to this country,” the US president said.

Trump reacted sharply on his own social network Truth Social, writing about Biden: “He must be crazy or suffering from late-stage dementia!”

“Someone needs to explain to Joe Biden, slowly but passionately, that the meaning of MAGA is as powerful as the words, MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!,” he wrote. “If he doesn’t want to make America great again, which by word, action, and thought he is not doing, then he certainly shouldn’t be representing the United States of America!”

The FBI agents who participated last month in the search of Trump’s mansion found empty folders marked “Classified information”, the Associated Press reported in the meantime, as quoted by BTA.

This became clear after the US Department of Justice published today a more detailed inventory of the materials seized from the Trump mansion. The document shows that during the search on August 8, 33 boxes of materials were seized from the Mar a Lago estate. The inventory noted that the seized materials were classified documents that had been deliberately placed between newspapers and magazines.

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