LIVE: The crisis in Ukraine, 03.09.

LIVE: The crisis in Ukraine, 03.09.
LIVE: The crisis in Ukraine, 03.09.

Six months have passed since the start of the war in Ukraine. During this half year, things at the front gradually reached a state of equilibrium. In Donbass, the line of clashes settled in the Donetsk region after the entire Luhansk region was captured by the Russian army. In the Kherson region hangs the constant threat of a Ukrainian counterattack, but at least for now it is not visible how it will take place. However, it is clear that the Russians are preparing precisely for a Ukrainian attack in the Kherson region. The issue with the Zaporizhia NPP also remains open.

The IAEA mission at the Zaporizhia NPP ended yesterday. The head of the agency announced that next week he will present a report on what he saw there. The Ukrainian operator “Energoatom” stated that Russia made maximum efforts to prevent the IAEA mission from getting to know the real situation at the Zaporizhia NPP. According to Kyiv, the Russians manipulate and spread only their advantageous information about the visit of the IAEA mission and do not allow them to get to know the real situation of the Zaporizhia NPP.

An employee of the nuclear power plant reported that the experts did not receive reliable information. According to him, the Russians accompanied the Director General of the IAEA, Raphael Grossi, and the other inspectors during their entire tour of the nuclear plant, not leaving them alone for a minute with the Ukrainian officials. In addition, the Russians brought in collaborators, presented as “concerned citizens”, who explained that they wanted an end to the “Ukrainian shelling”. “It was a circus,” notes the nuclear plant official.

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