The sad thing is that there is no theme for the elections

The sad thing is that there is no theme for the elections
The sad thing is that there is no theme for the elections

In addition to this, her colleague Konstantin Valkov explained: “Bulgarians are not tired of the elections. They can vote many times. It’s really missing a theme and that’s very annoying. This is the reason for the low voter turnout and the lack of a civic position. The bad thing is that the media is also in this cube. A third vote cannot revolve around who dances how or sings in the car.”

“The themes of the 10 first parties can be divided into three or four. A lot of them are – they’re all masks or tomatoes used to be tastier. The third part is what we should vote them for,” he also said.

“The topic of the Republic of North Macedonia dropped, the migrant flow was also used as an important topic that dropped. Now they will use gas and inflation. But the main topic is precisely the magic of who to vote for,” Valkov believes.

“In the political messages of the parties, there is not a single topic that makes you dream – to open a small shop, to do something new, to get up and smile,” added the journalist.

“We have lost the basic concepts on which politics is based,” Grigorova believes. “The question is not to win 121 deputies, still in politics there are some ideas for the future,” she also said.

Despite the many interviews with politicians, Konstantin Valkov would like to ask what is their idea that will make him dream about something: “These 1.5 million Bulgarians who do not vote, simply have nothing to dream about.”

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