A ceiling on fuel prices?

A ceiling on fuel prices?
A ceiling on fuel prices?

Breathe! And continue to be loyal to the Eurodivots!

Our compatriot Kremena Stanilova makes a comparison between consumer prices of fuelsso in St. Petersburg, Russia in his post on the social network.

The Western ESSR told the game of the market economy. Now they want a cap on gas prices. WTF?

And in sanctioned Russia the no-ceiling thing seems very, very mysterious for a country that the media is telling us is going to aha-ha economically collapse.

The pictures below are of the same one gas station. The first three are from the middle of March this year. and gas stationthat one belongs to Shell, the fourth one is from the middle of May this year. and gas stationit is still on Shell, the last one is from August this year. The same gas station apparently she is not crying abandoned by Shell, but is already on Teboil. Just for info – Teboil is a Finnish company since 1934 and is a subsidiary of the Russian Lukoil. All over Finland is full of Teboil gas stations. Otherwise, Finland imposes restrictions on the visas of the Russians just so that they are in the choir under the ESSR’s whistle. If you zoom in on the photos, you can compare prices within 6 months from March to August this year. Prices are below and around the euro. The euro is equal to 60 rubles today.

Now look at the last receipt from the last petrol filling in Bulgaria.


And stay loyal to eurodivotsthey!

The orchestra continued to play as the Titanic sank.

Kremena Stanilova

The article is in bulgaria

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