Andrew Tate – The Banned Influencer

Andrew Tate – The Banned Influencer
Andrew Tate – The Banned Influencer

#Andrew Tate is a 35-year-old ex-kickboxer and online guru for young men who became a global internet phenomenon for negative weather over the summer before being banned and deleted from all major social platforms online. Literally in one weekend at the end of August, after a coordinated campaign by various media and organizations, Tate’s profiles were permanently removed from YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and Facebook. It has been banned on Twitter for several years.

This is the most aggressive, fast and furious showdown with a global influencer. He had nearly five million followers on Instagram, and his videos on TikTok alone had more than 12 billion views. By early August, short videos featuring Andrew Tate had flooded the web, shared by countless people. It was like a forest fire and an epidemic in one. As the ruler of the algorithm, it popped up everywhere. At one point, his name became more searched on Google than Donald Trump and Kim Kardashian.

Everyone was watching, listening and discussing Andrew Tate. Even those who, until five minutes and five of his clips, had no idea who this “cocky British mixed race” was. Tate has branded himself as a guru for millions of young men in a state of limbo and confusion from the cultural revolution in the Western world. With a shaved skull, a muscular body, cigars, expensive cars, yachts, mansions, beautiful young women and sharp rapid-fire lines, Andrew spread his peculiar “gospel of manhood”. He taught the youth to train, to avoid “low quality people”, not to trust the mainstream media and governments in the Western world, not to “scream like women” and generally become elite “high value” players.

Tate had even created an online “University for Players” where, for a fee, he offered more of his knowledge of male success as he sees it. But some of his phrases and quotes became both a viral sensation and a signal to countless anti-speech organizations that this man should be silenced.

YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and Facebook officially announced that Tate’s accounts had been removed after multiple violations of their “dangerous individuals and organizations” and “hate speech” policies. Most of the corporate media welcomed Tate’s removal, describing him as both a “misogynist” and a “toxic influence” on the millions of young people who shared his videos and idolized him. Reams of articles quoted some teachers and professors complaining about Tate’s constant presence in the online lives of their students. Girls complained that their boyfriends dumped them or were rude to them after watching Andrew Tate.

The more his videos went viral, the stronger the pressure became on platforms to remove him.

Something of a paradox of success.

Let’s take a look at some of the most extreme statements that led to Tate’s ban and his transformation into a dark online lord of forbidden spells, a controversial and loquacious folk hero for the age of influencers.

The media quoted Tate as saying that women “must take responsibility for their own rape”. This truly outrageous line was taken out of context and Tate’s specific tirade on the subject of the Harvey Weinstein allegations. They included dozens of women who shared their harrowing experiences with Hollywood god Harvey decades later. Some of them admitted that they were in a relationship with him even after he sexually assaulted them. For others, it became clear that they received roles from him.

Credit: YouTube

Still others knew of his reputation but still went up to his hotel room for a “cinema job interview.”

In this highly specific context, Tate wrote how he would never condone rape, but women who put themselves in a situation like Harvey Weinstein’s should “bear some responsibility.”

Another Tate quote is how he would attack his girlfriend with a machete if she accused him of cheating. The video of Andrew saying this nonsense is markedly comical, and it’s hard to imagine he’s being serious. In many of his videos, Tate relies on humor and exaggeration, but he doesn’t always succeed. After his removal from the platforms, he explained that he had built a comedy persona many times.

Social media is full of stand-up acts and rap songs that make even Tate’s final chops sound like an episode of Sesame Street. But comedians and rappers are not being deleted in a coordinated manner from all platforms.

Another of Andrew’s outrageous positions is the preference for 18-20-year-old women because they’ve “been through fewer men than 25-year-olds.”

His image is certainly controversial.

He describes himself as a supporter of traditional ideas of masculinity and femininity, he likes polite and diligent ladies around him, but at the same time he constantly talks about crazy parties with horny chicks, and in the past he also had a business with webcam girls.

He was also investigated for trafficking in women, but no charges were brought, and he categorically denies any wrongdoing or criminal activity. Lately he lived in a mansion in Romania and gave advice to millions of young men there.

After being deleted from the major platforms, Tate moved to the freer social media Rumble, where he set a record with over 130 thousand viewers during a live stream. His brand continues to grow, and the bans further mythologize him.

Today, Tate is the most scandalous personality on the Internet and one of the most talked about people in the world.

He called for a “revolution” against the Big Tech empires of Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.

You don’t have to like Andrew Tate to be critical of the coordinated campaign to ban him. He is a strange bird. Playboy and traditionalist, cultist and “life coach”. Son of a famous chess player, but chose combat sports. They call him “the lord of virgin men desperate for a successful takedown.” At times it’s like Jordan Peterson without the Nietzsche quotes and the depth. But with muscles and sports cars. In another sense, Tate is what we expect from an extroverted 35-year-old rich young man in excellent physical shape and with a solid ego who likes to speak openly and sharply on all subjects, often exaggerating, sometimes with shocking effect.

His historic summer rise demonstrates that he is something of an internet marketing genius. In a few months, he gained several million followers and several billion views. Made a lot of money, had a huge impact. Too huge. It’s unclear if it will ever be brought back to the major platforms.

But maybe he doesn’t even need them anymore.

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