Beloslava celebrated 22 years on stage with an “Apolonia” concert

Beloslava celebrated 22 years on stage with an “Apolonia” concert
Beloslava celebrated 22 years on stage with an “Apolonia” concert

Jazz singer Beloslava celebrated 22 years on stage with a concert that was part of the program of the “Apollonia” arts festival. Her performance ended the sixth festival evening in Sozopol last night. Book premieres, a screening of a contemporary feature film, a theater production and a classical concert were also highlights of the day’s cultural bill.


On September 2, the meetings called “The Price of Success” began. They have been held within the framework of “Apolonia” for more than ten years. The first participant in this year’s edition was the actor and director Galin Stoev. He graduated in theater directing in the class of Krikor Azarian. Since the beginning of the 90s, he has worked as an actor and director in Bulgaria, Belgium, France and other countries.In 2018, he became the director of the theater in Toulouse, and the following year he was awarded the degree of “Chevalier of the Order of Arts and Letters”. of France.

In the 38th edition of “Apolonia”, Galin Stoev leads a master class in directing and acting.

At the “The Price of Success” meeting, the director told interesting moments of his personal and professional path, which led him to the position of director in one of the largest theaters in France.

He described what the moment was like when he realized he wanted to be a director. This happens when he is 13-14 years old and plays in a school theater club. “Suddenly I realized that behind everything you see on the stage, there is someone who has imagined this thing in advance, invented some principles and this idea, which is absolutely intangible – it cannot be grasped, it cannot be seen – suddenly this energy can descend into matter. To the extent that it becomes an object to watch and other people understand it. This completely turned me upside down and I said to myself: “I want to do this!”, said Galin Stoev.


“Hermes” publishing house joined the festival program with two premieres of literary titles. In the art gallery, the publisher Stoyo Vartolomeev presented the books of his authors Kostadin Kostadinov and Ivan Stankov.

The novel “The Butterfly Hunter” by Kostadin Kostadinov is related to a belief that butterflies carry human souls after death. “Writing a novel is long and tiring work. At least I wrote the novel over three and a half years. At the beginning of everything, the basis of the book is butterfly collecting. In fact, this is the composition of the novel, which ties knots around a collection of butterflies”, said Kostadin Kostadinov.

“Those of you who have read the book must have felt this rich poetic language, these beautifully told stories, which, unfortunately, end in the end with a multi-colored butterfly that carries away the soul,” commented the publication Stoyo Vartolomeev.

The second premiere of the evening was “Late Death” by Ivan Stankov. The novel follows a kind of love triangle between two men and a woman. The author defines the book as a story of love and death, in which the characters must endure both.

“The title of the book is extremely accurate. The heroes live a little in biblical magnitude – 140 years”, said the publisher. He added that the book resembles two novels combined into one – the stories of two men connected by love for one woman. According to Bartolomeev, the plot begins in the 19th century and ends in the present day.

Ivan Stankov told why the longevity of the heroes was decided to be 140 years: “140 years is the age of Bulgaria. 140 years is the duration of the new Bulgarian era – from 1880 to 2020. This was one of the ideas at the beginning – to take revenge on the Bulgarian history that did not happen, on the Bulgarian geography, politics, ideology that did not happen… To collect all these things and spread over these 140 years”, pointed out Stankov. He added that another reason I chose this to be the age of the characters was because he wanted them to have something extraordinary, “to have some miracle that discredits reality.” “My point is that literature must constantly discredit reality… war with it, creating a second artistic reality.”


The “Ivan Vazov” National Theater presented the performance “Piano in the Grass” on the stage of the community center in Sozopol. The production is based on the text of the French writer Françoise Sagan, and the stage version is by Yuriy Dachev.

In the play, a group of friends meet two decades after spending their youth together. The actors Emanuela Shkodreva, Velislav Pavlov, Hristo Cheshmedzhiev, Vyara Tabakova, Victoria Koleva, Eva Danailova, Nencho Kostov and Hristo Terziev are in the roles.


The evening continued with a screening of the film “January” in the summer cinema. The story is inspired by Yordan Radichkov’s play of the same name, but presented to the audience in a modern way. The tape receives a special award in 2021 at the festival for Bulgarian feature cinema “Golden Rose”.

The screening in Sozopol was attended by the director Andrei Paunov and Samuel Fintsi – one of the actors with a leading role in the production.

“The film “January” is the feature debut of the otherwise very famous documentary film director Andrey Paunov,” said film critic Bozhidar Manov before the start of the screening.

According to him, it is no coincidence that Radichkov has been screened a lot in our cinema – nine feature films have been made based on his tests. “But one curious observation – not a single director has repeated making a film based on Radichkov’s text”, added the film critic.


Stoimen Peev (violin), Rumen Tsvetkov (viola), Atanas Krastev (cello) and Lyudmil Angelov (piano) performed a concert of Austrian music in the hall of an archaeological museum. The four musicians are winners of prestigious awards and have performed on a number of world stages. Pianist Lyudmil Angelov was the first winner of the prize given by the “Apollonia” foundation – the “Apollon Toxophoros” statuette (1999).

With a performance by Beloslava, who celebrates 22 years on stage, the sixth festival evening of “Apolonia” ended. Musicians Zhivko Petrov, Antoni Rikev, Rosen Zahariev and Dimitar Semov took part in the anniversary concert of the jazz singer. Beloslava performed familiar hits from her repertoire, but with a new arrangement. She also premiered songs from her upcoming fifth album, which has the working title “My Music”.

The Arts Festival program continues until September 5. Today is the premiere of “LIC” magazine, an edition of BTA, which will be within the “The Price of Success” format. The August issue of the magazine is dedicated to “Apollonia” and follows the development of the festival over the years.

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