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Online newspaper Struma – Society
Online newspaper Struma – Society

The mayors of municipalities in Pirinsko sent a letter to Prime Minister Galab Donev, the Minister of Regional Development, API, Avtomatistrali, the District Governor and the National Association of Municipalities. The letter, signed by the mayors of Petrich, Sandanski, Strumyani Simitli, Kresna and Blagoevgrad, expresses the clear and categorical position of the local authorities to allow traffic through the Zheleznitsa tunnel.

As mayors of municipalities directly connected to this transport link, we are adamant that in this way, safe conditions for travelers will be guaranteed, because the tension among drivers and passengers will be eliminated from the formation of queues, which are the result of intensive traffic around the clock. The introduction of a temporary organization of traffic on the newly constructed section of the Struma highway, such as the proposal of the MRRD, aims precisely to solve the problems resulting from the apparently exhausted permeability of the existing road infrastructure – we formulate this categorically as a conclusion based on our direct observations and participation in traffic on one of the busiest roads in the country.

The consideration of the fact that we are talking for the most used transport corridor, in this part of the country for international cargo transportation, confirms the urgency of making a responsible decision in a timely manner, as is already proposed – after an on-site inspection and the analyzes made. There is no other alternative, write the mayors who express its confidence that the management vision that the government and institutions demonstrate on this important issue will lead to the expected decision.

It is a fact that the government is making efforts to find a solution to the problem affecting thousands of travelers on the mentioned thoroughfare. We remind you that the Zheleznitsa tunnel and the approaches to it cost BGN 270 million and were built with European funds under the “Transport 2014-2020” program. The major facilities are now ready, minor finishing works and repairs to the sections affected by landslides remain.

However, the state is delaying the launch of the site, as the problem with the landslides that have occurred has not yet been resolved. Recently, there has been an increase in the government’s activity in this direction, which gives hope that soon such an important object on the busy road will be put into operation.
P. Petrova

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