Prof. Shmilev’s son among the awarded rescuers from the Serbian bus crash

Seven Bulgarians, including the son of Prof. Shmilev, were awarded today by the chief prosecutor Ivan Geshev, for having provided first aid to the children from the crashed Serbian bus of AM “Trakia”.

For the demonstrated high civic duty and bravery, prosecutor #1 awarded Dr. Hristo Stefanov, Petar Kanev, Zhivko Stamboliev, Ivelina Shkembieva, Ivan Shmilev, Teodor Bochev and Dr. Anton Elkin.

“We live in times when the good is forgotten. We, as the leadership of the prosecutor’s office, decided to organize this event because we think that the good should be remembered, repeated and spread more and more good Christian values. We have shown that we respect all our neighbors, that for us kindness comes first,” Geshev emphasized during the ceremony.

The ambassador of Serbia in our country, Assoc. doctor Zelko Jovic, who was also part of the event, expressed his gratitude to all the people who helped the victims of the accident. “You reminded all people what the words love and self-sacrifice mean, the day before the Holy Feast of the Assumption. It is an honor for Serbia to be here now,” said Jovic.

We remind you that in the serious accident that happened on August 14, there were injured children and adults returning from a folklore festival in Sunny Beach. On the highway, dozens of Bulgarians stopped their cars and provided first aid to the victims. Days after the incident, the ambassador of the Republic of Serbia in our country, Zelko Jovic, announced with tears in his eyes: “Thank you, Bulgarian brothers! In such a situation, one can never be satisfied when it happens, but when you see another nation, another people – fraternal, friendly, when you see how it takes care of its citizens, that everyone is together, they act immediately, urgently and as one, you can’t help but be satisfied,” the diplomat pointed out.


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