Is another water apocalypse looming today? See the KA forecast…

Is another water apocalypse looming today? See the KA forecast…
Is another water apocalypse looming today? See the KA forecast…

During the night to Saturday, the cloudiness over the country remained variable and in many places, mainly over the Upper Thracian lowland and the eastern regions, significant amounts of precipitation fell. This is the forecast of the forecasters from Meteo Balkans (“Meteo Balkans”) for Saturday.

The minimum temperatures will drop and will be between 13° and 19°C. We expect the highest values ​​to be along the Black Sea and in the Upper Thracian lowland – up to 17-19°C, and lower – in Western and Central Bulgaria – up to 13-16°C.

The Sabbath day will start with partly cloudy skies, which will reduce to sunny weather in many areas after midday. We expect more clouds and rain showers over the extreme eastern regions, but even there the clouds will break by the evening. In the afternoon hours, in places over the mountainous regions, cumulus-rain clouds will develop and precipitation is not excluded.

Maximum temperatures will rise everywhere and their expected values ​​will be between 20-27°C. Higher – in places in the Upper Thracian lowland and North-West Bulgaria – up to 25-28°С. The wind across the country will be light to moderate from the northwest. It will be coldest over the extreme northeastern regions of the country, with the expected maximum temperatures between 17-20°C.

Meteo Balkans forecasters have issued a map with severe weather warnings valid for Saturday. Note: the dangerous phenomena will be on the night of Saturday and in the afternoon hours. The map shows the places where they are most likely, but the storms will not cover the entire area.

Yellow code: we are issuing a code for light thunderstorms and heavy rainfall, with the expected total amount of rain being between 15-20l/sq.m. Precipitation over these areas will be mainly in the afternoon hours and will be in fewer places.

Code Orange: Precipitation in individual places over the indicated areas will be significant, mainly in the late afternoon hours. They will be accompanied by strong wind gusts and increased thunderstorm activity. Storms can bring small to medium sized hail. Over certain regions in the country and in the Balkans, the expected rainfall can reach up to 25-40 l/sq.m.

Weather on the Black Sea

Thunderstorms are expected on the north and central coast overnight Saturday. The day will start with variable clouds and before noon it is not excluded that it will rain and thunder. In the late afternoon, the rain will stop, and the clouds will gradually decrease to clear weather. It will remain windy with moderate to temporarily strong northwesterly winds. Maximum temperatures will be 24°-26°. The sea water temperature is between 24° and 25°. The excitement of the sea will be between 2-3 bales.

The weather in Sofia

During the night to Saturday from the southwest, the rain will gradually stop, but the cloudiness will remain changeable. Minimum temperatures will be between 13-14°C.

The day will begin with scattered clouds, which will gradually decrease to sunny weather. In the afternoon, cumulus-rain clouds will develop and precipitation is possible in places. Temperatures will drop and their maximum values ​​will be between 18-22°C.

Weather in the mountains

Overnight into Saturday after midnight the rainfall will decrease in intensity everywhere, but the weather will remain cloudy and misty. After a temporary break in the rain, around noon in the massifs of Western and Central Bulgaria, cumulus-rain clouds will develop again and in many places it will rain and thunder. A moderate to strong northwesterly wind will blow. The maximum temperature at an altitude of 1200 meters will be around 17-19°, at 2000 meters – around 7-10°.

The weather in the Balkans

After the passage of the atmospheric disturbance, the air mass of the peninsula will gradually stabilize. In the afternoon, cumulus-rain clouds will develop in the mountains and torrential rain will fall. Temperatures will rise.

Temperatures over areas with precipitation will drop and expected highs will be between 22-25°. The expected maximum temperatures over the rest of the peninsula will be between 29-32°C.

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