Eight policemen are killed in an attack in Colombia

Eight police officers were killed in an explosives attack in western Colombia. Reuters reports.

It is the deadliest attack on law enforcement in the country since President Gustavo Petro took office on a promise to end Colombia’s nearly 60-year conflict.

The policemen were killed on Friday when the vehicle they were traveling in was hit by explosives.

“I strongly reject the explosive attack that killed eight police officers,” Petro tweeted, adding “solidarity with their families.”

These actions are a clear sabotage of complete peace, he also emphasizes.

Colombia has a new president

Gustavo Petro took the oath

Petro, a former member of the M-19 rebel movement, has vowed to seek “total peace” by resuming talks with rebels from the National Liberation Army (ANO), recognized as Colombia’s last organized guerrilla group.

Petro also proposed a ceasefire with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) dissidents, who laid down their arms and signed a peace agreement in 2016.

His predecessor, the conservative Ivan Duque, broke off peace talks after a 2019 car bomb attack on the Bogotá police academy that killed 22 people.

Although Petro did not name the suspected perpetrators of Friday’s attack, so-called dissidents from the now-demobilized FARC rebel movement are known to be operating in the area.

Police in Colombia killed 86 people in 2020.

This violence is not just about a few bad apples

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