Trust management keeps the prescient | The banker

Trust management keeps the prescient | The banker
Trust management keeps the prescient | The banker

In today’s turbulent times, many investors’ money sits “quietly” in their wallets and idles. Interest rates on bank deposits have been sitting at zero for years, house prices are headed up, while the shares of beloved technology companies have lost some of their luster. To keep larger amounts in the bank already brings you more losses than income. Still, investors aren’t sitting idly by and exploring profitable ideas.

One such possibility is asset trust management.

Most investors usually look for an individual approach to them and the money they own, especially if it is more. Therefore, some of the fund managers offer fiduciary asset management, which allows customization of the service. Moreover, it is about customers who wish to invest larger sums.

Especially for them and with the participation of the client, an investment consultant prepares a portfolio of financial instruments based on the specific goals, preferred investment horizon and risk profile of each investor. There are people who want to multiply their money “more calmly” and others who can afford to take risks without fear of possible losses. And the strategy for each individual client is determined both by the amount of cash under management and by their expectations of profitability and liquidity.

Investment portfolios include one or more financial instruments. By building an individual portfolio, the unique ratio between risk and expected return can be reached for each investor.

It is difficult to determine the size of the asset management market. Given the special type of relationship with these clients and the large sums they invest, the management companies are not very willing to disclose information about these projects of theirs.

“DSK bank”

is one of the financial institutions in our country that enters this market “to give more opportunities for effective management of free cash to Bulgarians”, the bank said. “After analyzing the behavior of customers from this segment, we found that they have a much greater need for investment products than credit products. We are responding to this need through a new, better and optimized service model, building on everyday banking”comments Svetoslav Velinov, Head of Global Markets Department at DSK Bank.

With this service, its clients can purchase a wide range of mutual funds with different risk profiles, invest in individual stocks, bonds or exchange-traded funds with exposure to different geographical areas. Also, they can now benefit from individual investment solutions – portfolio management and provision of investment advice. The bank is even expanding the range of alternative options, as through DSK Direct electronic banking they offer a new service – trading gold against currency (EUR or USD).

Svetoslav Velinov noted that along with the offer of investment products and services, the bank has proceeded with the digitization of some of them in order to expand the circle of clients. At the same time, however, the aspiration is to preserve the individual approach to everyone.

“Municipality Bank”

through its investment intermediary also offers management of an individual portfolio of financial instruments traded both on the Bulgarian and global markets, and this is done in accordance with a contract previously concluded with the client. There is no limit to those who can benefit from this service – they can be both individuals and institutional and corporate investors.

When creating an individual portfolio, the aim is to minimize possible risks through diversification (allocation) of funds between different assets. Of course, the selection of financial instruments is done with a thorough fundamental and technical analysis, the bank notes, and the aim is to find investment opportunities that are likely to outperform the market. The client-trustee regularly receives a report on the status of his wallet in a convenient way for him (e-mail, fax, mail).

“First Investment Bank”

also works on the structuring and management of individual investment portfolios. The selection of financial instruments in the formation of each individual portfolio is based on all financial markets in which the bank operates. This allows the use of a wide range of asset classes and the application of flexible strategies in their management.

The selection and management of each individual portfolio is carried out after a detailed assessment of the client’s financial situation, his previous experience in the field of financial instrument markets, his willingness and ability to take risks. At the same time, the client actively participates in the process of preparing the risk profile, determining the investment goals, horizon and limitations of the portfolio.


offers premium banking. Customers of this service can benefit from confidentiality and individual service in a specially designated Premium Center. It includes a personal premium customer relationship manager who is available 24/7 to help customers manage their finances, inform them about new products and services, make sure they don’t miss a card payment, an expiring deposit or other important banking details their operations.

The service is for special customers who value their time, wish to receive professional advice and are looking for transparency, trust and long-term business cooperation. Among the advantages of the service are also professional consultations from a certified investment consultant for investments in mutual funds and savings and insurance products, personal financing solutions, brokerage services and trust management, a variety of insurance solutions from DZI – the leader of the Bulgarian insurance market, and others.

The customer must meet certain criteria for availability on their UBB accounts, credit exposure and income.

The advantages are obvious…

  • The service is structured personally, according to key parameters, such as risk tolerance, investment horizon, financial possibilities, target yield, tax specifics and others…
  • The client is constantly informed and always has direct contact with the asset manager.
  • The customer does not need to spend time, attention or effort to use the service.
  • The client does not need special knowledge or skills, he only needs to be aware of his goals.
  • There is no formal minimum or maximum for the investment volume, and it is possible to deposit and/or withdraw funds as needed.
  • At any time, the customer has the right to add new requirements or change the old “such”.

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