How the universe tells us that great love is coming – Curious – Bulgaria

How the universe tells us that great love is coming – Curious – Bulgaria
How the universe tells us that great love is coming – Curious – Bulgaria

While it’s entirely possible to be happily single, we can’t deny that one of our deepest desires is to find a soulmate with whom we can share all the joys big and small.

If you too dream of meeting that intense and scorching love that we have all seen in the movies but few have experienced, it is good to sharpen your senses.

It is entirely possible that at this very moment the universe is sending you a sign that something very beautiful and special will appear in your life, and very soon:

Romantic dreams

If you often wake up with the strange feeling that you dreamed something beautiful and extremely pleasant, you are probably subconsciously preparing yourself to experience the same emotions in your everyday life. Everything else is a matter of circumstances.

About the meaning of life

If you recently started a new job, have a new hobby or simply discovered unexpected opportunities in yourself, expect an important guest in your life. When you flourish and share your gift with the universe, it repays you by sending you the most beautiful surprises.

A strong influx of positive energy

Feeling cheerful and full of optimistic thoughts? Can’t hide your smile for no apparent reason? Well, congratulations – you are in a wonderful stage of your life, and the other good news is that there are even more wonderful experiences ahead of you soon.


Many people expect to meet someone who will “fix” them and free them from all their insecurities. But how do we expect someone to fall in love with us if we don’t love ourselves?

Before you meet the right person, you have to walk the long road to self-knowledge. If you know who you are, what you want from life and what you are capable of, it is only a matter of time before fate meets someone who possesses the same qualities.

You know what you want

Being ready to meet your soulmate means having a concept of the type of person you need. And it should be specific enough for you to start slowly and surely building a fulfilling relationship, but not saturated with too high expectations so that you don’t pass by the great opportunities that fate throws at you.

You believe in your dreams and that the best is yet to come

So many sages have said that love comes when we least expect it. It is necessary to free yourself from your inner insecurities and accept the fact that you cannot control the circumstances.

If you live with the attitude that you deserve happiness, that you are the one who should take care of you and your inner peace, if you believe in miracles, in the goodness of people and in the idea that one day you will meet your soulmate, she will undoubtedly visit you at the right moment.


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