The MIR party wants the urgent adoption of a law on crisis management

The MIR party wants the urgent adoption of a law on crisis management
The MIR party wants the urgent adoption of a law on crisis management

Political party MIR insists immediately after the construction of the new National Assembly that a law on crisis management be adopted as a matter of urgency and priority. MIR expresses solidarity and empathy with the residents of the villages of Bogdan and Karavelovo in Karlovy Vary, who suffered after the dyke of the Stryama river broke and the water flooded the villages.

“Unfortunately, once again, we only start to think when disaster strikes. Unfortunately, for 32 years now, we Bulgarians have been suffering in our own country, and that is due to the lack of a state, statesmen, control, responsibility and criminality. It is high time to change it together, and that is why the MIR party proposes to urgently adopt a Crisis Management Law. Through it, a clear protocol will first be created, through which all responsible institutions in the state will be coordinated, which must interact in the event of a crisis or disaster. The law on crisis management is extremely important and a priority, because through it not only will it be possible to manage all crises in the country, but also more importantly, they will be able to be prevented”, this was also stated by the leader of the MIR party Simeon Slavchev .

According to Slavchev, the coordination of the actions of state institutions is a mandatory condition for Bulgaria’s successful passage through the health, social, financial, migrant, and any other crisis. The MIR party has prepared a draft of the Crisis Management Law, which they will submit on the first working day of the new National Assembly and will insist that it be adopted immediately.

The main focus of the Law on Crisis Management, which the MIR Party proposes, is the construction of a National Crisis Management System. The creation of regional security and crisis management councils is also envisaged, including the regional governor, deputy regional governors, directors of directorates in the regional administration, the director of the regional directorate “Civil Protection”, the director of the emergency medical assistance center and representatives of the territorial units of the central executive administration. Coordination between the local and central authorities, as well as between all institutions related to the emerging crisis or emergency situation, is carried out through the regional councils. The Crisis Management Act requires all municipal councils to adopt their own crisis management plan, which becomes part of the district level plan.

In addition to the urgent adoption of the Crisis Management Law, the MIR party insists on changing the structure of the Council of Ministers and creating a special Ministry for Emergency Situations and Crisis Management.

“This will enable effective crisis management and, more importantly, their prevention. On the other hand, the Law on Crisis Management will improve the relationship between the central and local authorities, as well as the coordination between all responsible institutions, which is currently lacking,” said Simeon Slavchev.

Due to the dire situation in the villages of Karlovy Vary, as well as in a large part of the settlements in the country, the MIR party proposes to temporarily stop the election campaign and that all candidates for people’s representatives from all parties and coalitions join the rescue operation and the restoration of flood damage. The MIR party stated that all their candidates for people’s representatives will set a personal example and will get involved and help the people in distress and repair the damage.

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