Neither Mitko Iliev nor the fans of Loko Pd and Botev Pd hear what I am saying to them

Neither Mitko Iliev nor the fans of Loko Pd and Botev Pd hear what I am saying to them
Neither Mitko Iliev nor the fans of Loko Pd and Botev Pd hear what I am saying to them

The next episode of the Battle for Plovdiv is coming. Locomotive and Botev will face off at Louth to determine who will rule the city’s football under the hills in the coming months. The derby will be held at “Lauta” at 20:30. looked for the legend of Lokomotiv Georgi Vassilev – Gocho for a comment before the Battle for Plovdiv.

Whoever is better mentally and runs more, he will beat. Otherwise, if I’m playing, I’ll tell you right away who will win. Then there would be no problems, and it would be clear who would be jubilant after the end of the meeting.” Georgi Vassilev began his comment.

I’ll tear them up myself, huh” he replied in a joking tone when asked how many goals he would have scored if he had been on the pitch.

I will say again that the winner will be the team that is more physically and mentally prepared. You have to give your all to beat. Otherwise, how will it happen? If you walk around the field, it won’t work”Gocho continued.

Looking at the two teams, Lokoto are better, but it depends on the mood. I’ll be at the game and we’ll see what happens. I will always be for Lokomotiv. A lot depends on how the match goes. In a serious game Lokoto should beat. It’s clichéd, but nothing is known in such derbiesVassilev predicted.

“It depends on how they play and how they are mentally for the game,” he answered a question about whether the “black and white” can defeat their rival again, as happened in November 2020, when the “smurfs” smashed the “canaries” 6:0.

I watch the English matches, where the stadiums are full to the max – 80,000 people are in the stands. I also watch the matches in Italy. People also run and spread themselves on the field. That’s why they play football and have an audience. And there is no audience in Bulgaria anymore,” he said.

Just let the fans fight. We rely heavily on their support. They only look to fight, nothing else is done by them. How many times I tell them: “Don’t do that. What is this nonsense. I have never seen such a miracle. Have you noticed something like this somewhere on the Western European terrains? No such thing. Only here”.

“I don’t know where this stupid fad came from. How many times I talk to both Lokomotiv and Botev fans. But they don’t listen to me. I just don’t know what this obsession is! There has never been such a thing in our time. I was even friends with them. Dermendzhiev, Ubinov and Dobri Nenov died. We continue to gather the legends at the Carousel, but I feel bad without them.” he commented on the excesses among the fans who regularly accompany the Plovdiv derby.

A very great misfortune befell Nedelev, unfortunately. I don’t wish that on anyone. But, unfortunately, Nedelev was injured. His absence must be felt, because he is a key figure in Botev’s (Southern) squad.” Gocho commented on the absence of Nedelev, who underwent a major head operation.

Lately I’ve been yelling at him, “Hey, watch out! Remove that beard too!’ And he answers me: ‘Well, sir, it’s fashion.’ I ask him not to be Saint Vincent or something like that. It was a fad, and I tell him to stop this nonsense. Well, these people also hooted the football players past them.” Gocho comments on Lokomotiv’s forward Dimitar Iliev, for whose growth as a footballer the legend has a great deal of merit. The captain of the “black and white” team became Bulgaria’s No. 1 footballer for two years in a row.

I had no worries when I played against Botev (South). It was as if I was going out against Gorna Banya, Trivodici or Ploštek, I didn’t care at all. And then they were a team, not now like this one. Dinko Dermendzhiev, Georgi Popov, Dobri Nenov and Viden Apostolov, who also passed away, played then”Vassilev shared before


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