Several countries where you can get citizenship for cash

Several countries where you can get citizenship for cash
Several countries where you can get citizenship for cash

Many people want to settle abroad permanently. Some tend to buy citizenship in the country where they want to settle. Money can buy you everything you need to be granted citizenship in some countries. Buying citizenship with cash itself is defined as citizenship by investment, where you buy real estate for example, which gives you citizenship in the country where you bought the property. Here are some countries around the world that sell citizenship for cash:


Turkey’s citizenship by investment program gains access to both European and Asian markets. You must make a minimum donation of $250,000. The basic application processing time is six to nine months, starting from application submission to approval. The main benefits include visiting many countries without the need for a visa. If the application is successful, you may be eligible for an E-2 visa, which allows you to work and live in the US for five years.


The minimum investment here must be 350,000 euros, of which 250,000 euros are invested in real estate and the remaining 100,000 are donated to the country. The processing time for the application until it is approved is about three months.

St. Kitts and Nevis

St. Kitts and Nevis offers interesting benefits with its citizenship, such as dual citizenship is allowed. You don’t need a minimum stay, the visa is free or available on arrival and allows you to travel to 157 different destinations. An applicant for citizenship must be at least 18 years of age and meet the requirements specified by the government.

Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia offers citizenship for cash and includes benefits such as a passport that gives you visa-free entry or a visa on arrival to over 146 destinations. the time to apply for citizenship is three to four months. Saint Lucia also allows dual citizenship.


Dominica requires a minimum donation of $100,000 to be granted citizenship there. The application processing time is three months and some of the benefits are visa-free travel to 152 destinations, including the Schengen zones and more. The investment program started there in 1993 just to stimulate investment.


Grenada has a donation requirement of about $150,000 in each of its government-approved real estate projects. The application processing time is three months and provides visa-free travel to 153 countries around the world. The Grenada citizenship program was launched in 2013. Grenada citizenship also offers access to an E2 visa, as with Turkey.

Antigua and Barbuda

The main key benefits of obtaining citizenship in the Caribbean Antigua and Barbuda are that it gives you the right to move from there to Hong Kong, Singapore, the European Schengen Areas, etc. You must donate about $100,000 to the National Development Fund of Antigua and Barbuda. Processing time is about three to four months.

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