The Country Is Literally Broken (Live)

The Country Is Literally Broken (Live)
The Country Is Literally Broken (Live)

Borisov’s party refutes the main points of “We continue the change”

Pensions were raised thanks to our votes, said Desislava Atanasova

“The country is literally broken. We have rehabilitated over 2,500 blocks in Bulgaria. And they took it out of the recovery plan.”

This was stated by GERB leader Boyko Borisov at the opening of his party’s campaign in Razgrad.

“This is the easiest campaign. Because when Cornelia Ninova talks about the Borisov model, here is the price of electricity in August 2020 – BGN 75. With the new model, it is many times more expensive. Choose, people. I more I will not go to elections or campaigning. The coal is Bulgarian and in the Bulgarian underground. They have been there for centuries. The miners, energy workers, engineers are Bulgarian. Their salaries have not increased. Where did this promotion come from? “Kozloduy” is working at max and electricity costs BGN 45 and is sold for BGN 1,800. Why did they leave this out,” Boyko Borisov accused the former leaders of “We continue the change”.

“Here is the increase in the price of food products. What made your oil go up? There are as many sunflowers as you want. The electricity is ours, the land is ours, the peasants are ours, the harvesters too. What raised your price? There is no commodity that has not gone up, after like our model, it is gone. On October 2, judge. We can remove half of them,” Borisov also stated.

“When the numbers speak and the intermediaries are silent. Here are the prices of natural gas – it is 837% more expensive now than here,” he added and showed graphs in front of the hall with sympathizers. “Under the bad GERB, diesel was BGN 2.09, this is how it grew, and when Kiril and Asen left, it fell a little because the commissions are less. I will not argue who is better. Here is for the people to choose. The prices on gasoline

The leader of the list, Desislava Atanasova, spoke before him.

“We do not need supports like the party of mediators “We continue the change”, Atanasova said.

According to her, the points of reference for the PP campaign leaked on social networks are outrageous and false. “They say they are young. How young is the communist satrap Boyko Rashkov. They say they are brave. They were brave when they arrested Boyko Borisov and did not realize the consequences. After only a few months they were overthrown,” she said.

“They define us as old politicians. But we have proven that with us there were no light railings of management, there was no “Jemcorp”, there were no godfathers and close friendships for 140 euros an hour. Something that happened these seven months. Billy they increased pensions, they made anti-corruption legislation. The increased pensions are due to the votes of GERB, because with our votes the budget update was accepted. They made the kindergartens free. Which kindergartens? The ones that Boyko Borisov built,” Atanasova also stated.

“Those from “Promyanata” have been forbidden to speak on several topics. And whatever they are asked to repeat the same thing – the old faces in politics against the young and energetic Boyko Rashkov and Nikolay Sabev. They should not talk about geopolitics, writes in their anchor points. And gas supplies are geopolitics, and Ukraine is geopolitics, how can you not talk, gentlemen? Kirill and Assen once met with the president of Rwanda, who appreciated their anti-corruption policy. While in previous years, all world leaders came here,” he added Desislava Atanasova from the stand.

“When someone says that GERB is isolated, he does not know what he is talking about. How can we be isolated when the people are with us. On October 2, the first political force will be us – the GERB-SDS coalition,” said the former energy minister Violet Petkova.

“For the last 8 months, the citizens were able to see the difference between the statesmanship of GERB and Boyko Borisov and the amateurism of “We continue the change”. These people will remain in history as a government that spoke only lies and caused only crises. One of the most severe is in energy. This sector directly affects every Bulgarian citizen and business and messes with everyone’s pocket. These people explained how they have been studying for the last 7 months. When you take over the management of the country, you don’t have time to study,” said Petkova.

“They announced that they had stopped supplies from Gazprom and immediately sneered at intermediaries. So we still get gas from Gazprom, but at a 30% higher price. This costs us over BGN 100 million per month,” he added she.

Petkova accused the PP that they are to blame for inflation because they have not controlled the prices of energy resources.

“These people left Bulgaria without natural gas. This was also confirmed by the interim government. From now on, the price will become unbearable, because they bought these tankers at over 450 BGN per megawatt hour, and they promised a price 4 times lower,” he said Petkova.

According to her, the high price of electricity is also caused by the government of “We continue the change”. They would not lift a finger to help businesses, municipalities, hospitals. Under our pressure, a ceiling was placed on the price in recent days, Petkova added.

GERB has anti-crisis measures – increased quantities of natural gas from the “Alexandroupolis” terminal, there will be a mechanism for compensating the price of natural gas, she also listed.

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