Valentin Vacev: The revolution in Russia today, like the one in 1917, is the cause of the turbulent changes in the world

/ / On Friday, September 2, 2022, at 5:00 p.m., a meeting was held between the “Left View” Movement and the editorial team of “” with citizens of the town of Radnevo.
The meeting was attended by Assoc. Valentin Vacev, the co-chairmen of the movement – Rumen Petkov/Ch. editor of /i Valentin Kardamski, as well as Simeon Milanov – spokesperson of the movement.

“The deepest reason for the changes in the world, including Russia’s war with Ukraine, is that there was a revolution in Russia. A real political revolution, on the level, from the point of view of its significance, of the February revolution of 1917, when the Russian liberals overthrew Tsarism, deprived Emperor Nicholas II of power, forced him to renounce it, and was also on the scale of the October a revolution.” This was said in the town of Radnevo by geopolitical analyst Valentin Vacev, who, together with other members of the “Left View” civil movement, was a guest at a meeting-discussion with the town’s residents.

Between February and October 1917, there was a revolutionary spring and summer in Russia. Today in Moscow, if we measure by the great calendar of history, the situation is like after the February revolution, but it is in a situation before the events of October of the same year. I recall that in February the liberals came to power there, but they lost power in the summer, and during the October Revolution it was taken by the Bolsheviks. Power has rolled in the streets, as Lenin said. In October 1917, no political force had the courage, strength, intuition and understanding to take power and know what to do with it. Then it was Lenin who insisted that it be takenVatsev reminded the residents of Radnevo of the historical events in Russia.

What is happening in Russia now? Power has changed. Industrial capital came to power. It is the military-industrial complex that produces the weapons, but also the civilian-industrial complex, that is, the civilian economy of Russia“Vatsev explained. He added that Russian President Vladimir Putin also has a role in these processes. According to him, there are two economies in Russia – the ruble economy and the dollar economy. Russia’s dollar economy has lost power. This stratum of dollar billionaires, businessmen, bankers, etc., roughly speaking the comprador oligarchs and their appointees to institutions, commissions, parliament, etc., as it were, lost from industrial capital. But this is temporary and subject to change. Now it is like the summer of 1917, when some have lost power and others have not yet taken it. Intergovernmentalism. Putin supports the Russian industrial complex and the Russian ruble,” Valentin Vacev explained.

Geopolitical analyst Valentin Vatsev commented to the residents of Radnevo on a number of topics and answered many questions related to the war, the future of the Balkans, the upcoming US midterm elections and many others.












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