Help Pavlikeni against the garbage

To the attention of all candidates from the Veliko Tarnovsko electoral district, who in the pre-election campaign strive to win the trust of the local residents in order to represent them in the Bulgarian Parliament!

Ladies and gentlemen candidates, I am helping you to get acquainted with one of the real problems of the people of the region. For months, the residents of Pavlikeni municipality have been trying to defend their fertile land with unique black earth, their ecologically clean agricultural production and crystal clear air!

On one side are the thousands of families, their livelihood, the health and safety of their children. On the other side is an investor, spared and cared for by the local authorities.

Its investment intent envisages burning 430,000 tonnes of waste-to-energy (RDF) fuel per year.

Or 1160 tons of garbage per day.

Or one 20-ton truck every 20 minutes. Around the clock.

This will become the largest garbage incineration plant in Europe!

In order to have a legitimate representative through which to effectively fight back against this gloomy prospect, the residents of Pavlikeni municipality established a civil association. Respect for the people in the Association who invest their competences and their personal time in this battle of common importance. I am glad that I had the opportunity to meet with some of them to reaffirm my firm position – I have stood up and will continue to stand up for the interests of citizens and their right to live in a healthy environment!

Dear candidates, I hope that in the course of the election campaign you will manage, at least for a while, to put populism behind you and tackle real tasks.

Check out the brochure that the civic association has prepared to expose the problem!

If you really want to be helpful, then let everyone get involved! Let’s not divide into parties and colors – for the sake of causes, efforts must be united!

Ladies and gentlemen, candidates for people’s representatives from the Velikotarnovsk region, take sides!

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