Henry Kissinger in Sofia days after the world premiere with an answer to why the leaders are gone today

Henry Kissinger’s latest book – all about leadership and the art of diplomacy

Sofia, “Vitosha” boulevard from September 5 to 11, stand-tent #10 of “Trud” Book Publishing House is the place where there are hit titles, school literature and a 20% discount on all prices.

This metropolitan street and part of the park in front of the National Palace of Culture will become the largest open-air bookstore.

Only months after the world premiere, Henry Kissinger’s last book – “Leadership”, with hard leather covers, part of the prestigious “Nobelists” series, is on the book market. In Leadership, Kissinger analyzes the lives of six leaders through the distinctive strategies of statecraft they embodied.

After the Second World War, Konrad Adenauer returned the defeated Germany to the community of nations through a “strategy of humility”. Charles de Gaulle places France among the victorious Allies and renews its historical greatness through a “strategy of the will.” During the Cold War, Richard Nixon gave the US a geostrategic advantage through his “balancing strategy”. After 25 years of conflict, Anwar Sadat brings a vision of peace to the Middle East through a “strategy of transcendence.” Lee Kuan Yew created a powerful and independent Singapore through a “strategy of excellence”. And although Britain was known as the “sick man of Europe”, when Margaret Thatcher came to power, she renewed her country’s international position through a “strategy of persuasion”.

The final chapter with Kissinger’s conclusions is sharp and critical, because the painful truth becomes clear – why are there no real leaders today, people capable of changing the world order?

Read on Monday which other hit titles you will find in tent 10 on the capital’s “Vitosha” boulevard.

Autographs by authors – where and when

September 6, 17:00, Stand 10

Meeting with Christian Ivanov and Borislav Radoslavov and their book “The Healer of Levski”.

Wednesday 7 September, 16:00, Stand 10

A meeting with the beloved journalist and presenter Ivan Garelov and his book “Unsent Letters to Margarita”. Come for an autograph.

September 7, Wednesday, 17:00, Literary corner
Georgi Ivanov, Christian Ivanov and Dobromir Dobrev present the new, second edition of the biography of “Trifon Ivanov – Iron”.

September 8, Wednesday, 17:00, Literary corner
Reni Mitkova presents his debut book “You always pay” – a manual for people and business by a successful person.

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