Military installed a temporary bridge between the villages of Moskovets and Bogdan (photos)

70 servicemen from the 61st Stryam Mechanized Brigade are operating today in the affected areas. A bridge has already been installed between the villages of Moskovets and Bogdan, the Ministry of Defense announced.

Military personnel from the 91st General Support Engineer Battalion of the 55th Engineer Regiment – Belene inspect a section in the area of ​​the village of Slatina to determine the possibility and necessity of placing a temporary bridge.

Our efforts continue to ensure access by land to all settlements affected by the large floods in the municipality of Karlovo, the Chief of Defense Admiral Emil Eftimov told journalists, who together with the commander of the Ground Forces, Major General Mikhail Popov and the commander of the 61st Brigade Brigadier General Deyan Deshkov is on the spot for the second day to participate in the coordination of activities.

Military personnel from the 61st Mechanized Brigade are working to restore the road connection between the villages of Bogdan and Karavelovo and deliver food and water to the affected areas.

The participation of Bulgarian military personnel in overcoming the damage from the disaster began yesterday, when 100 military personnel from the Ground Forces were sent to the scene.

Photo: MO

29 people were rescued and evacuated by an Air Force Cougar military helicopter between 14:00 and 19:44 on September 2.

Photo: MO

The supply of food, water and medicine to the people in the isolated areas was carried out twice by air.

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