Borisov vowed not to go to elections again if he does not win now

Borisov vowed not to go to elections again if he does not win now
Borisov vowed not to go to elections again if he does not win now

The leader of GERB, Boyko Borisov, announced on Saturday that he will no longer stand for election if his party does not win the October 2 parliamentary elections.

At the opening of the GERB campaign in Razgrad, Borisov commented that “this is the easiest campaign” because people can compare his administration with the subsequent ones and convince themselves that it was better.

“Because when Kornelia Ninova talks about the Borisov model, and for 2 years she has the Radev model or the Petkov model, here is the price of electricity in August 2020: BGN 75.63. According to the new model, whatever it is, August is BGN 846. Choose, my dears! You choose them, I will no longer go to a campaign for new elections. Now I’m going around and giving you something to choose from”Borisov said.

He still admitted that he would be sad not to stand in the elections again: “Yes, I will be sad for my voters, for my friends, for my people, but apparently the people would have wanted it that way,” said the GERB leader .

“Our strength is that we are clear, when we have a path we follow it”said Borisov to the supporters and sympathizers of the party.

“All the optimism I want to instill in you owes me a lot, because the state is literally “broken””the GERB leader addressed those present in the hall of the community center “Razvitie” in Razgrad.

“When the numbers speak and the intermediaries are silent. Here are the prices of natural gas – it is 837% more expensive now than here,” he added and showed graphs in front of the hall with sympathizers. “Under the bad GERB, diesel was BGN 2.09, this is how it grew, and when Kiril and Asen left, it fell a little because the commissions are less. I will not argue who is better. Here is for the people to choose. The prices on gasoline do you see it rising”Borisov also commented.

“What will we do when we come back? The refinery is ours and a derogation has been won for Russian oil. But Russian oil is imported by a Swiss company, produced on an island and exported to Switzerland. 1/3 of the gasoline and naphtha remain here at cost BGN 1.20 higher, the others go to be sold in Europe. If we are in the government, we already on October 3, or the refinery agrees to work for BEH on Ishleme and gasoline immediately drops by BGN-BGN and twenty. Option 2 is a duty of BGN 1 per liter”, Borisov explained GERB’s plans. The duty will be refunded at the rate of BGN per filled liter at each refueling, he added.

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