Haunted mansion in Istanbul for sale – Curious

Haunted mansion in Istanbul for sale – Curious
Haunted mansion in Istanbul for sale – Curious
  • 03 September 2022

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The three-story, 116-year-old Ragup Pasha mansion on the Asian side of Istanbul, considered “haunted” by locals because of its dilapidated condition, will soon have a new owner. It is located in a park on the coast of the Sea of ​​Marmara, in Istanbul’s luxurious Asian district Jaddebostan, Kaduköy district, writes “Maritsa”.

Authorities announced a Sept. 2 sale auction for the estate to collect outstanding debts from the current owner, who has not been named. The crumbling historic building was purchased yesterday after a closed bidding process by the Turkish Ish Bank for 449 million 363 thousand 500 lira, which is 48 176 252 BGN. This price was only a few pounds higher than the announced minimum value of 449,363,491.71 TL.

It is understood that lawyers for the owners of the Ragup Pasha estate will appeal the sale on Monday.

After being uninhabited for many years, today even the facade of the mansion needs a complete restoration, but experts say that once restored, it can regain its fame as “Little Dolmabahçe”. A miniature replica of the magnificent Ottoman-era Dolmabahçe Palace, located on the European shore of the Bosphorus.

The estate was originally known as the Ragup Pasha Estate, after the aide-de-camp of the Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamid II. The Pasha hired the Prussian architect August Karl Friedrich Jasmund to build the mansion. The European central railway station of Istanbul, Sirkeci, is also his project. The mansion, spread over a garden of about 23 acres, was completed in 1906. It became one of the landmarks of Kaduköy.

Covering an area of ​​2,700 square meters, it is an excellent example of late Ottoman architecture. The mansion is also known for its interior and exterior ornamental motifs and ceiling paintings. Another highlight of the building is the gold leaf adorning the ceilings, which are made of molten gold.

The ancient building changed hands over the years after the death of Ragup Pasha in 1920.

Art historian Almila Yasemin Akturk said the mansion should be preserved as it is an important example of civilian structures dating back to Ottoman times. “They called it Little Dolmabahçe because of the intricate ornaments inside and outside the building. All of them were designed and made by famous artists and craftsmen of the time,” Akturk told Anatolia Agency (AA). “Ragup Pasha was clearly a man of taste. He brought marble from Italy and parquet flooring from Vienna and built this rare, precious structure,” she concluded.

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