A year ago a warning was issued for the Stryama river, who is to blame for the flood?

A year ago a warning was issued for the Stryama river, who is to blame for the flood?
A year ago a warning was issued for the Stryama river, who is to blame for the flood?

Almost every year in Bulgaria we witness serious floods and disasters. Most often they are in the area of ​​municipalities located along rivers. Streets like rivers, thousands of flooded houses, swept away bridges, impassable roads and places without electricity – this is how we can describe the damage after the torrential downpour in the Karlovo region.

“The rain fell in a very short period – within 14 hours. These amounts are over 200 cubic meters per square meter. This is the main cause of the disaster in the most affected villages – Bogdan, Karavelovo and Slatina. Of course, we cannot blame only the time, there are always recurring factors – the maintenance of the rivers, the Stryama river is completely corrected, and under certain parameters this correction must be maintained.” said the new director of the “Basin Directorate” Vasil Uzunov for “Bulgaria Morning”.

He emphasized that with this amount of rainfall, the probability of a dam breaking on a river is huge.

“Within the correction regarding the facilities, the institution “Irrigation Systems” is responsible. The mayors are responsible for cleaning the rivers, and the regional governors for the residents. As the check we have done since Friday shows that the worst affected areas are flooded by ravines, not by the Stryama river itself. It is in this section that we made an order last year to take actions to restore the dike, as well as to clean it, but these activities were not carried out.” added Uzunov for Bulgaria ON AIR.

In his words in the village of Trilistik, the reason is different – there is a broken dam there.

Asked if such a disaster could have been prevented, he replied: “Basin Directorate” is not competent in relation to logging outside the rivers. Yes, there were many trees in the river. Above the village of Slatina, the damage was very striking. But there is also a big slope there, even if there were trees – the water would destroy the gully. There is a group already clearing trees and bridge debris. At the other critical location – the village of Trilistnik, actions were taken already on Saturday.”

And reassured that the water had receded there.

Watch the entire conversation in the video.

Photo: Bulgaria ON AIR

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