Children in Montenegro start school today

Children in Montenegro start school today
Children in Montenegro start school today

The new school year started today for about 94,000 students in primary and secondary schools in Montenegro.

Classes will be of regular 45-minute duration. The Ministry of Education (MES) announced that it is conducting intensive communication with educational institutions, which will receive instructions for working with students, especially with vulnerable categories.

In September, a Protocol for evaluating the current development of children with special educational needs, as well as a Student Evaluation Scale, will be ready. The efforts of the education authorities are aimed at catching up during the pandemic years of the previous two years.

The subjects will be taught in full, they include a compulsory and a free part, which is 15-20 percent of their entire program. It is also recommended that remedial classes be held for all students from the very beginning of the school year to make up for missed material. Two educational e-portals are also available, and teachers should work in collaboration with school psychologists to motivate students, adds the Ministry of Education.

The school year traditionally starts on September 1, but the competent authorities postponed the start to be on Monday, also “because of the successful tourist season” in Montenegro.


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