In Karlovsko, they need more people and equipment to clean up the damage from the flood

In Karlovsko, they need more people and equipment to clean up the damage from the flood
In Karlovsko, they need more people and equipment to clean up the damage from the flood

The state will provide temporary housing to those who lost their properties after the floods in the villages of Karlovy Vary, acting Defense Minister Dimitar Stoyanov told Nova TV.

At first, they are looking for containers to accommodate people temporarily, then another solution will be sought, I hope that the state will really come in time, he pointed out.

According to him, the containers are air-conditioned and heated.

An interdepartmental commission is expected to assess the damage and then prepare the necessary funds to be paid to the victims.

Meanwhile, the regional governor of Plovdiv, Angel Stoev, announced that in Karlovsko they need more people and equipment to clean up the damage.

“We have increased the number of people who are involved in overcoming the consequences of the disaster, but to clean up the damage from the flood, we need more equipment and people,” he said, quoted by BGNES.

According to him, there are 69 heavy machines in the field for the villages of Bogdan, Karavelovo and Slatina.

In the village of Bogdan, there are 5 dump trucks, 4 crawler excavators, and in the village of Slatina – there are 5 excavators, 8 dump trucks and 40 soldiers who work with their own chainsaws and 10 forest workers.

“For their work, we have agreed additional equipment, which will be provided to us by private companies”, he also noted.

Stoev emphasized that forestry equipment is also working in the field in Smolyan – 2 large trucks and 2 excavators.

Clearing the major arteries will take weeks

“Where we received signals, we reacted immediately. Already on the second of September, the module for overcoming floods from the 61st Stryam brigade was activated. And it went immediately to Bogdan and Karavelovo. We did not receive another signal, we did not react.” the defense minister said.

He explained that the control of the situation goes through three stages – rescuing and evacuating the population, the second – providing water, food and medicine, the third – overcoming the damage. On the very first day, over 100 people and 18 machines were sent between Bogdan and Karavelovo.

The army is in place, we have brought out all the possible equipment, equipment has also been brought out from the forestry farms, the minister also pointed out, but recalled that the military also helps in guarding the border and over 500 people are there.

According to him, it will take weeks to clear the most important arteries. “On request – we react instantly. We also have the workforce. But the equipment cannot enter the middle of the village while there are no approaches,” he said.

On the occasion of the flood, he said: “There are investigative bodies that have to do their job – to find out where the cause is and who led to this situation. If there is a guilty party, let him bear the punishment.”

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