In volleyball, they are already thinking about the Olympics – in 2028.

In volleyball, they are already thinking about the Olympics – in 2028.
In volleyball, they are already thinking about the Olympics – in 2028.

Martin Stoev told me that he can qualify the team for LA, announced the head of the federation

Although the resignation of coach Nikolay Zhelyazkov has not even been accepted yet, the president of the Volleyball Federation (BFV) Lyubomir Ganev has practically already announced who will be the next coach of the men’s national team of Bulgaria. Already in the first days after the failure of our team at the world championships in Poland and Slovenia, many experts indicated Martin Stoev, who is currently leading the under-20 youth team, as the favorite for the position.

The head of the BFW directly confirmed that he had already had a conversation with his former teammate in the national team, who led the A team in the period 2005-2008. And it became clear that the two also discussed specific goals in the near and more distant future.

“I have spoken with Martin Stoev. He said that he cannot do it to qualify the team for Paris 2024, but he can for the Olympics in Los Angeles 2028. He has tasks to do. He wants to have his way with the kids he’s cooking right now and they’ve had great results. We hope that this European Championship will be where it belongs,” Ganev told BNT.

Regarding the resignation submitted by Zhelyazkov, he commented that it will be considered at a meeting of the Management Board. However, from the rest of his remarks, it became clear that the decision would only be a formality.

“We will have a Board of Directors and we will consider the resignation of Nikolay Zhelyazkov. If there will be a choice of new coaches, a competition must be held. Sufficient time will be given to the candidates to prepare and then, when the deadline expires, the Board of Directors will meet again, for to consider the applications. We are 25 people in the Management Board. They will vote and we will see,” Ganev said.

He also analyzes the tragic performance of the “tricolors” at the `22 World Cup. According to him, the crushing losses to Poland (0:3) and the USA (0:3) and the embarrassing reverse against Mexico (2:3) were due to both bad luck and the regulation of the tournament.

“At this World Cup, we played three matches. In the first match, the Poles were superior to us. Against the USA, we played against equals. We could have won the third game and things would have been different. Against Mexico we were chasing a must win with 3:0, but then came the loss of the game and psychologically things collapsed. Out of 20 world championships, we have participated 19 times. The groups have always been four teams of six – five games. Even if you make a mistake, you have options to fix it. In this group with Poland and the USA, it is normal to lose. One should not draw conclusions from a weak match. I was with these guys throughout the preparation. When you see that everything is slipping away from you, it’s normal to give in mentally,” explained the president of the federation.

The legend of Bulgarian volleyball also talks about how important the role of the leaders in the team is. Ganev stated that next year no competitor should miss tournaments, referring to the decision of Tsvetan Sokolov and Todor Skrimov to take a break for the League of Nations this summer.

“It is normal for the more experienced riders to be the ones to lead the team. Unfortunately, our two most experienced riders this year were resting at VNL. However, I think that for next year every single one of the competitors should be with the team from day one. Next year is very important because it is pre-Olympic. We have a European championship ahead of us and immediately after that an Olympic qualification,” said Lyubomir Ganev.

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