The summer prices of wholesale food products in our country keep

The summer prices of wholesale food products in our country keep
The summer prices of wholesale food products in our country keep

The Market Price Index (MPI), which reflects wholesale food prices in Bulgaria, rose last week by 0.20 percent to 2.065 points. Thus, during the summer two months, the indicator keeps calm and changes within narrow limits – 2,029-2,065 points, we read in the data presented by the State Commission on Commodity Exchanges and Markets (DKSBT).

Half of the 36 goods tracked by the commission fell in price last week, according to a study by Bankeru.

Greenhouse tomatoes add five cents and are traded at BGN 2.05 per kilogram wholesale, while tomatoes harvested from open areas remain at BGN 1.64.

However, the price of greenhouse cucumbers rose by 12 cents to BGN 2.36 per kilogram. Last week, green peppers went up by as much as 21 cents to BGN 1.65 per kilogram, and red peppers by 28 cents and their price is BGN 1.88/kg.

Potatoes became cheaper by 2 cents and are available on the markets at BGN 0.98 per kilogram. Carrots lost three cents and were BGN 1.05 per kilo wholesale. The price of zucchini is lower by six cents and they are sold at BGN 1.41. Cabbage, however, adds two cents and costs BGN 0.87 per kilogram.

With fruits, things are more colorful. Apples become cheaper by 5 cents and are sold at BGN 1.28 per kilogram. Peaches were cheaper last week by 17 cents and are sold at BGN 1.78 wholesale, Lemons and bananas are more expensive and are at BGN 2.95 and BGN 2.62 per kilogram, respectively. Watermelons also add two cents to their price and are traded at BGN 0.66 per kilogram.

The price of cow’s cheese increased to BGN 11.17 per kilogram. The “Vitosha” type cheese, however, has become cheaper by 3 cents and is sold at BGN 16.18 per kilogram.

A package of cow butter of 125 grams has increased in price and is traded at BGN 2.74.

Yogurt 3 and over 3% bucket 400 g remains at the price of BGN 1.16, but fresh milk 3% box/bottle 1 l is cheaper and is found at BGN 2.18.

Chicken meat adds two cents and is bought at an average of 6.04 BGN per kilogram.

Flour type “500” /1 kg/ increased in price to BGN 1.34 per kilogram, and eggs – to BGN 0.32 per piece wholesale.

And rice adds 3 cents to its price and is sold at BGN 2.78 per kilogram.

In the canning season, sugar rose in price by 4 cents to BGN 2.33 per kilogram at the end of last week, and oil/1 liter plastic bottle became cheaper by 15 cents to BGN 4.76.

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