Identity cards are issued on the spot in the flooded villages – Society – Bulgaria

Identity cards are issued on the spot in the flooded villages – Society – Bulgaria
Identity cards are issued on the spot in the flooded villages – Society – Bulgaria

The state will provide temporary housing to those who lost their homes after the floods. Defense Minister Dimitar Stoyanov commented on this on Nova TV. He hopes that there will be a more serious reaction later.

“There are investigative bodies that have to do their job – to find out where the cause is and who led to this state of affairs. If he is guilty, let him bear the punishment”, he also pointed out. According to him, there was no delayed reaction and in the places where they received signals, they reacted instantly. “Back on September 2, the flood control module of the 61st Stryam Brigade was activated. And he immediately went to Bogdan and Karavelovo. We have not received another signal, we have not reacted,” he specified and emphasized that over 100 people and 18 machines were sent between Bogdan and Karavelovo on the very first day. “We showed that there is a country and we reacted adequately. All signals received have been processed, stated Stoyanov and added that there are no places that are inaccessible.

According to him, the clearance to open the most important arteries will take weeks. Stoyanov said that all the possible equipment, which is located near the villages of Karlovy Vary, has been brought out. “On request – we react instantly. The labor force also has it. But the technique cannot enter the middle of the village, while there are no approaches, emphasized the minister.

At least a month or two will clear up the flood in the area

At the same time, Chief Commissioner Nikolay Nikolov – Director of the DG “Fire Safety and Protection of the Population” announced on the air of BNT that 6 are the most affected settlements by the floods. 5 are in the municipality of Karlovo and Trilistnik. There is access to every village, there is still no drinking water, electricity has already been restored everywhere. He predicts, however, that it will take 1-2 months to clean up the damage, and that the infrastructure will be restored by this time next year.

Chief Commissioner Nikolov stated that the regional governor of Plovdiv has declared a state of emergency for the Plovdiv region since yesterday, so that the state can get involved more actively and support the mayor’s efforts.

The mayor of Karlovo did miracles. It’s a miracle there were no casualties. Such a great disaster has not happened recently in Bulgaria. But there is a lot of damage, he noted. According to him, just such a disaster cannot be prevented. “Feeling climate change, we must adapt. There must be advance planning of the urbanized territories, there must be stability of the buildings. The good thing is that construction in our country is not as bad as it was claimed. In one such flood, all the houses could have been wiped out. We must actively work with insurers”Chief Commissioner Nikolov added. “Unfortunately, people are not insured. The reasons are because in villages, near rivers, the insurance premium is very high and people don’t have such funds,” he also pointed out.

Commissioner Nikolov stated that the national investigation will provide an answer to the reasons and whether there are guilty people who must bear their responsibility. “Such a disaster does not happen every year. Our dikes are calculated for a hundred-year wave, and here we are talking about a 200-500-year wave”he added.

“136 are currently the volunteers helping people. They are from Sofia, Kazanlak, Smolyan, etc. There are many people willing to help.” he pointed out, but emphasized that someone had to lead them to tell them what to do.

Currently, 29 excavators, bulldozers and dump trucks are on site helping with the cleanup. Today, “Highways with new, modern technology. “Our efforts are stepping up and we’re going to make it.” he said. According to him, the most important thing right now is to provide food to the population and to sick people who need help and medicine.

There was no illegal or excessive logging in Karlovsko

According to the Minister of Agriculture, Yavor Gechev, there was no illegal or excessive logging in the area, but there will be checks on this by the Forestry Agency and other institutions for 10 years back. For their implementation, information would be collected from the local population. He believes that the riverbeds have not been sufficiently cleaned. “Maybe we lack the organization and culture to live with such disasters,” he thinks. Gechev noted that there were people in Trilistnik who did not want to leave their homes. Yavor Gechev confirmed the thesis that it is better that the dike around Kalekovets broke so that the entire Trilistnik would not be flooded.

He recalled that initially BGN 1.1 billion was provided for irrigation and drainage in the Recovery Plan, but these funds were subsequently withdrawn. “Crews are already taking out the dead animals. Many areas with vegetables are affected,” the Minister of Agriculture also informed on the air of BNT.

“An organization has already been made to compensate farmers. Thousands of acres of vegetables were destroyed. From the first day of the disaster, there is an organization for farmers who can submit information about failed areas. 100% failed areas are paid 80% of the costs incurred on a technology card. The Council of Ministers will provide the necessary funds. Small farmers should also describe the damage,” he also said. Gechev reassured people not to worry if there are lost and flooded documents about their houses. The Ministry of Health will assist people as much as possible.

According to him, the disaster is local and will not affect the prices, demand and supply of vegetables.

They issue identity cards on the spot in the flooded villages

Employees of the passport office at the Karlovo District Administration go to the homes in three villages that were badly damaged by the floods. Personal documents will be able to be issued on the spot in Slatina, Bogdan and Karavelovo, which have been most seriously affected by the floods in recent days, the Ministry of the Interior announced.

The portable biometric station will be used in the respective town halls, from where lists of those interested should be provided in advance. Prepared personal documents will also be carried on site.

Twice as many heavy equipment on the ground in the flooded villages

In the villages worst affected by the floods in Karlovsko, from today twice as much equipment is working as compared to the previous days. We also have the additional involvement of volunteers who assist the military in clearing homes and streets, strengthening dikes and securing critical infrastructure. This was announced by the regional governor of the Plovdiv region, Angel Stoev, at a briefing in one of the villages most affected by the floods – Slatina, the municipality reported.

The regional governor explained that 50 meters of the dike were washed away by the incoming waters and are now being restored to prevent another overflow. According to data from the mayor of Karlovo, Emil Kabaivanov, all people in need have been sheltered. 300 portions of food are prepared for them daily, which are distributed to them in the places where they are accommodated. At this stage, water has been provided – 300,000 1.5 liter bottles, but more will be needed because a number of settlements continue to be without water or, if available, it is not fit for drinking. As of today, both commissions are working, which describe the damage caused to the houses and infrastructure of the settlements.

“I would like to ask for a little patience from the people of the affected settlements. According to preliminary estimates, it will take us at least two weeks to be able to clean up the damage.” appeals the regional governor. According to preliminary estimates, the water has washed away more than 10,000 cubic meters of earth mass, as many trees, some right up to the roots. All this mass must be cleared and hauled away, the trees pulled out and cut. “No matter how many forces we concentrate – equipment and people, we will need time”explained Angel Stoev.

According to the OD of the Ministry of the Interior, there have been no reports of thieves attacking the flooded homes. The settlements are guarded around the clock by patrols of the Karlovo police station, assisted by Plovdiv. The forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are directed to the villages of Karavelovo, Bogdan, Slatina, Hristo Danovo, Rozino and
A century.

In Sopot, they want more tankers, they have had no water for 72 hours

Meanwhile, water supply remains a problem, although water supply crews are working around the clock. Priority is being given to overcoming the accidents in Sopot and Karlovo, which have been without water for the fourth day already. By order of the regional governor, additional equipment was sent to assist the waterworks. “Even if water flows into the taps, it should not be drunk until it passes two tests and is officially declared fit for drinking,” stressed the regional governor.

The mayor of Sopot, Dejan Doinov, warned that the city has been without water for 72 hours and demanded that the problem be solved quickly. According to him, the water carriers in the municipality are too few and cannot provide the necessary amounts of water for the people. He called for urgent measures to avert a humanitarian crisis. “People are ready for civil disobedience”warned the mayor on Nova TV.

And more help

An organization has been created and the social services will assist the victims of the flood to submit their applications to receive the one-time financial assistance from the state in its maximum permissible amount. Food packages will also be provided to people from the worst-hit villages. After data on the damage has been submitted to the Interdepartmental Commission for Reconstruction and Assistance, the commission is yet to come up with a decision on what part of the available BGN 35 million in the Disaster Fund will be allocated for the reconstruction of the region, the government press service announced.

Municipal services “Agriculture” accept applications for damages from farmers, including on weekends. Irrigation systems teams are on the ground, and all facilities along the river have been inspected. An inspection is also being carried out for logging in the area.

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