The price of methane “flies” by 20 cents in 5 days

The price of methane “flies” by 20 cents in 5 days
The price of methane “flies” by 20 cents in 5 days

Taxi drivers are considering a fare increase

Rising prices again methanea. Only from the beginning of September, drivers pay about 15-20 cents more. The reason is the galloping prices of natural gas on world exchanges.

0t 35 years Kiril Rizov drives feesin the last years of methane, because it was the most profitable. However, he and his colleagues are already considering alternatives.

“Colleagues are already changing the bottles from methanewith propane, the classes are booked for both October and November”explained feesthe metro driver quoted by Bulgaria ON AIR.

Only for the last 5 days the prices of methaneand they went up by about 20 cents per kg, and in the coming days the price increase will reach one lev. The reason is the non-compliance with the long-term contract of our country with “Gazprom“.

“For the last month, the price has increased by 37%, or the column will actually be about 80% of the final price with VAT”explained the owner of methane Dimitar Hadjiditrov station.

Prices in the country vary from BGN 3.75 to BGN 7.18 per kilogram. As determined by the supplier. Drivers specify that in neighboring Serbia the price of methaneand is three times lower. A complete collapse of sales is reported by traders.

“Actually at sales at this price, if at gasoline vi is one unit, it of methane you will get 3 units, which makes it pointless to use methane. So for 100 km per gasoline you will pay BGN 26 for methane you will pay BGN 75.”Dimitar Hadjiditrov calculates.

The constant increase in the price of methaneand makes Kiril think about whether the tariffs should also be increased feesdad. Which it turns out, for the last year they have decreased by nearly 600 cars in Sofia.

“At the moment, the biggest problem is whether and by how much to raise the tariffs, bearing in mind that last year we raised them by 40%. Now, in order not to lose our customers, there should be an increase of between 10-20% on average”Kiril Rizov specified.

By the end of October, each municipality must independently approve the price ceiling feesthe metro services, which will come into force after 01.01.2023.

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