BSP asks Radev to stop his ministers from lying

BSP asks Radev to stop his ministers from lying
BSP asks Radev to stop his ministers from lying

The BSP will write a letter to President Rumen Radev with an appeal to prevent his ministers from participating in the election campaign. This was announced by the ex-head of the red group in the National Assembly and a member of the Executive Bureau of the BSP Georgi Svilenski at a special press conference.

We become luminaries of the rude and non-accidental intervention of the official cabinet in the election campaign. In recent days, unverified and unproven manipulative data have been constantly being exported, Svilenski said.

“At the beginning of last week, we witnessed the first such – that weapons were being exported to Ukraine and money to Dubai. The acting minister himself yesterday refuted these data, saying that the regular government did not export weapons to Ukraine and that during the regular government no money is being offshored in Dubai Today this campaign continues The purpose of this campaign to export unverified and false data and to undermine the authority of the BSP, to undermine the authority of the BSP representatives in the government, to put the BSP in dependence, to humiliate the BSP as a party, to reduce the result of these elections and to make the BSP dependent on the backstage and those people who want to control the party, so that their orders are carried out,” comments Svilenski.

Therefore, we appeal to the official ministers, the prime minister, the president – not to allow the official cabinet to be a party in the election campaign, since we do not have the opportunity to hold the real meeting with our voters and the conversation about policies, and we are constantly in a situation of refuting false, manipulative and unproven claims, he added. The Reds will also write a letter to the media – not to give a platform to unverified, false and manipulative data that undermines the authority of any political force.

He reminded that the work of the ministers is to organize fair and transparent elections, to help the flooded villages and towns, to take a stand on the refugee crisis, but not to spread “lies, manipulations, speculations, which anyway are being refuted – either by the official ministers themselves, or by those affected”. Before the checks on any signals have been completed, please do not take a stand and do not spread them to the media, urged Svilenski.

They use it in a situation where we don’t have the opportunity to defend ourselves, refute and say anything to the media because we are list leaders, he added. At the same time, official ministers who are not participants in the election process go around the media and talk about unverified and false manipulations. You mirror them and there is no one to tell the truth, he said. The lies are spread by the official ministers appointed by Rumen Radev, added Svilenski.

If the facts were true and there were contracts that would harm the state – they should have come out and said – only suggestions and without any specifics. When they finish the checks – they should explain what it is about, not during an election campaign, when we can talk and you can’t cover us, he added.

We are not against checks, but for such checks, so that everything is clear and transparent to the public, but we are against suggestions, the former Minister of Tourism Hristo Prodanov also joined in.

No one disputes that if there are violations, they should go where they belong. But why did the minister think of September 4, why didn’t he say it 4 days ago, asked Svilenski. And by chance, on October 4, after the elections, there will be a finding that there are no violations, added Prodanov.

We want a fair game, the caretaker government to organize the elections honestly, and not expect someone else to do their job and go to the flooded regions, he added.

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