BSP with a letter to Radev to call the service ministers

BSP with a letter to Radev to call the service ministers
BSP with a letter to Radev to call the service ministers

The BSP sent a letter to President Rumen Radev with a request that ministers from the official cabinet not manipulate public opinion with false information.

Here is the letter itself:

“Dear Mr. President,
We are addressing you in your capacity given by the Constitution to single-handedly designate the composition of the official cabinet.

The main task of every official cabinet for its allotted short term of existence is the preparation and holding of fair elections. We regret to note that some of the ministers appointed by you are mainly engaged in other activities. They are rudely interfering in the election race, selectively pouring accusations, distributing compromising materials, conducting their own investigations, which is a clear example of revanchism and a violation of the basic law of the country. One after another, political smokescreens and false insinuations are being made. This undermines public confidence in the electoral process, which we strongly hope you do not share as an approach to destroying the democratic foundations of the country.

In view of the above, we urge you to urgently take measures so that your ministers do not manipulate public opinion with unverified and false information”.

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