Hristov: There is no one to buy the expensive gas from the tankers agreed by the previous cabinet

“Bulgargaz” is negotiating with “Gazprom Export”, these are the two parties under the existing contract. The negotiations have a strong political nuance from the Russian side. The negotiations are not simple, I am not negotiating as the Minister of Energy, but the two parties to the contract. At this point, we do not think it is necessary for the government to enter into negotiations with the Russian. We do not think that such negotiations will even have a better effect”, this is what the Acting Minister of Energy Rosen Hristov commented to BTV about the negotiations with Gazprom.

He pointed out that a large part of the questions that are asked in society are subject to confidentiality.

When asked whether if we choose the payment scheme with currency conversion, we will start receiving gas under the contract, he indicated that things are not that simple.

“Revaluation was an option in April. There are several months until the end of the year, in addition to the payment format, we also need to agree on the delivery date. In reality, we have to receive a large amount of gas under the contract, and it expires in three months. These deadlines must be renegotiated. In autumn, it is not clear whether we will have secure gas supplies. For a coin, we are waiting for their position,” explained Hristov.

“The public should know that we are working on many options to supply gas from different locations,” he said.

“We discussed this topic about the 7 tankers a lot. The shortest answer to why we only took one tanker is that there was nowhere to unload them. The slots that were there before, to the August 3rd coin when I took office, have already been sold, including those with the expansion. We could have bought them from intermediaries, but that would have led to an even higher price of gas,” explained Hristov.

“Tankers from the previous government come at double the price. The price is double what the business can afford to pay. In practice, at the moment there is no one to buy this gas. Some companies will switch to alternative fuels. Others buy it, but it works inefficiently. In practice, no one will buy this gas, which was delivered for September, because of the high prices and inflation. Our goal is not only to negotiate gas, but also to make the price good,” the Acting Minister of Energy pointed out.

According to him, Greece is about to hold an auction for slots for next year and we will participate in it.

“Now we will join, have secured slots and then we will look for tankers. As it turns out there are more tankers than slots,” he explained.

Hristov stated that the tanker that the caretaker government had purchased was taken after it became clear that we had a contracted slot in Turkey.

“At the moment there is no gas. It is in the completion stage. Pressure and control tested. Today we received confirmation that gas will flow on October 1st. We are waiting for a concrete offer from the Azeris,” he said.

“We are not expecting a cold winter. Our expectations are for price optimization to calm down business and stop galloping inflation,” believes the Minister of Energy.

“Currently, the gas stored in Chiren is 63%. Not all the quantity is for Bulgaria. This is not a prerequisite that we have secured our gas supplies. This is a buffer that we rely on to ensure normal supplies in the winter,” explained Hristov.

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