The system should not change

The system should not change
The system should not change

UEFA president Aleksandar Ceferin said European football must remain an opportunity for every club.

In April last year, 12 of Europe’s biggest clubs announced the creation of the Super League, an organization to create and control a tournament that would be independent of the UEFA Champions League and bring together the best teams.

Shortly after the project was announced, under pressure from UEFA and fans, nine of the 12 clubs announced their withdrawal, but Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus have yet to abandon it.

“Certainly football will remain accessible to all in our tournaments. The essence of European football, which is clearly the best in the world, is to be accessible to all. Those people who want football to be accessible only to the elite do not understand, that it will be much worse for them if there is no one to compete against,” said Ceferin, quoted by BTA.

“Last season we saw in the Champions League Sherif Tiraspol from Moldova beat Real in Madrid. If my Slovenian team with a budget of 2 million can beat Tottenham, that is the essence of European football. It is part of our culture and it will not change with no circumstances,” the Slovenian added.

“This system must not change. What many people do not know is that UEFA returns 93.5 percent of its own revenue to the clubs and over 97 percent of all revenue goes to the clubs. This is a very important part of football and reason for it to be so successful. I insist and will continue to do so that the dream should be alive for everyone,” Ceferin added.

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