Ivan Takov said who is to blame for the condition of Toplofikatsiya

Ivan Takov said who is to blame for the condition of Toplofikatsiya
Ivan Takov said who is to blame for the condition of Toplofikatsiya

The request of the state to acquire “Toplofikatsia – Sofia” makes sense only with clear and categorical guarantees for the citizens of Sofia. This was stated by the chairman of BSP – Sofia and the group of socialists in the Sofia Municipal Council, Ivan Takov. He commented on the topic on the occasion of the talks that started between the Metropolitan Municipality and the Ministry of Energy about “Toplofikatsia” becoming a state company. The proposal was made by the Acting Minister of Energy, Rosen Hristov. According to him, in this way, the systematic accumulation of debts will be stopped. The liabilities of “Toplofikatsia” mainly to Bulgarian Energy Holding and “Bulgargaz” currently exceed BGN 1.3 billion, and by the end of the year, more than BGN 500 million may be accumulated if the high gas prices are maintained.

“The main blame for the current state of the company lies personally with the Mayor Fandakova and the ruling Capital Municipality from GERB with their affiliated parties for the last 15 years, comments Ivan Takov. – This is an indisputable fact that we should not ignore. We are witnessing the entire history of progressive the debts accumulated over the years. And all this because of the resistance of the managers of GERB “Toplofikatsia” to be modernized. To this we must add the bad management of “Toplofikatsia” over the years, as well as the lack of control by the managers of the company”.

Ivan Takov also noted that an additional factor for the extremely difficult condition of the municipal company is the increase in the price of gas several times over the last year. “The combination of these two factors currently calls into question the very existence of “Toplofikatsia” as a municipal company, commented the chairman of BSP – Sofia. – It is quite obvious that it cannot continue to work in this way. The good thing is that we finally have a plan for the modernization of the company drawn up and approved by SOS. However, our concerns are that Sofia Municipality does not have the resources and time to carry it out on its own.”

However, according to Ivan Takov, the decision for “Toplofikatsiya” to become state-owned would be reasonable only and only if the state irrevocably guarantees steam and hot water to the residents of the capital at an affordable price. “Clear and categorical guarantees are needed that there will be no interruption of the heat supply and that all over 450,000 subscribers of “Toplofikatsia” in Sofia will not be put at risk of being left in the cold, said Ivan Takov. – There is another very important condition . A potential foreign investor should not allow himself to kill his investment through an increase in the heating and hot water bills of the residents of Sofia. Our third condition is to receive an irrevocable guarantee from the state that “Toplofikatsia” will remain a public company. That is, it will be state-owned, and it will not be privatized, sold or concessioned!”.

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