The game “The Great Chase” and the series “Brothers” – from today

The game “The Great Chase” and the series “Brothers” – from today
The game “The Great Chase” and the series “Brothers” – from today
Today at 18:00 NOVA and Niki Kanchev launch the new generation game “The Great Pursuit“.

A team of four participants, who have never seen each other before, will have to defend their knowledge and accumulate funds for a final battle where they can walk away with what they have accumulated so far or lose it all in just two minutes.

Participants will have the difficult task of facing the four “chasers” – proven minds who will try to stop the players on their way to winning the cash prize. Miglena Draganova, Martin Ivanov, Plamen Mladenov and Lyubomir Bratoev will play the Queen of Spades, the Black Knight, the Professor and the Sage, respectively.

Niki Kanchev in an interview with Marian Stankov-Mont Dieu:

“Besides the players and their desire to win and to win, which will always be present, this time I have four ‘chasers’ with me.” So – as in the legendary westerns – we become a gang!

I’m not with them, I’m with the players. I’m sure that when the show starts, there will be participants who will want to compete with a particular “chaser”. It is a new generation game because it has an upgrade. In the competition there are many new technologies, softwares, there are dynamics, there is team play. Something that other formats lack.”

The game will demonstrate dynamics, as over 200 general culture questions of varying complexity can be asked in one show. In addition to testing their knowledge in various fields, viewers will also experience the participants’ difficult path to victory.

There are twists and turns in The Great Chase this week. In the first episodes of the show, the audience will also see how a team with teeth and claws reaches the cherished victory, and the bet is a five-figure sum. Who will be the first “chaser” that the participants will face, we can see today.

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Brothers” begins with action, secret missions and high tension

Crime drama Brothers returns for its fifth season finale tonight at 10:30pm on NOVA. A mix of tense plots, action dynamics, constant twists and multi-layered images will be seen by viewers in the new episodes.

Producer Krasi Vankov in an interview:

“We have a very strong fifth season ahead of us and that will be evident in tonight’s episode. We begin with a shocking event that no one expected. It will pose many questions, the answers of which we are yet to seek. Also, viewers will learn how and why Denis Topal escaped arrest at the end of last season and what twists and turns will occur for each of the characters.”

Actress Yoanna Temelkova:

“Laura has been through a lot, and the dramatic events have turned her whole being upside down. Now she comes with a peace that suits her character perfectly. She’s made a huge effort to start clean and we’ll see her a lot more organized. She has always been a person of causes, she will act on a very important mission of public importance.”

Actress Iskra Donova:

“I really hope the lesson Iva learns in the upcoming season is humility and forgiveness.” Because she doesn’t know how to do that yet. Iva has to deal with difficult situations, and they provoke a change for which she is not ready at all. We will find out if there is a person who can even tame her and if she will deal with her thirst for revenge.”

To date, 221 episodes of the series have been broadcast. The main themes in its denouement will be redemption, reckoning, awareness and a return to roots. This is the season of truth – in it all secrets will be revealed, even those that were shrouded in mystery for the past four seasons.

Where is Denis Topal, how will the events for Alexander Accardi and Rado Andreev develop after Gergana’s murder, and what investigations will the tandem of top investigators from GDBOP Cherkezov and Davidova take up?

The series features Vladimir Mihailov, Hristo Shopov, Alex Ivanov, Iskra Donova, Neda Spasova, Yoanna Temelkova, Todor Tanchev, Stella Gancheva, Veselin Kalanovski, Martin Dimitrov, Daniel Angelov, Filip Gulyashki, Ivo Yonchev, Anastasia Levordashka, Anna Nikol Klimentova and others . Actors Diana Khandzhieva, Haralampi Anichkin, Kaloyan Katincharov, Anna Makhmurova and Alexander Hristozov join the “Brothers” team. The directors are Lyubomir Pechev, Atanas Bonchev-Nakata, Georgi Dimitrov and Mihailo Kotsev. The composer of the soundtrack of the series is Mario Baltajiev.

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