OVERVIEW: They are looking for volunteers after the flood in Karlovsko, a beating ended in death near Plovdiv

The issue of flooding after the overflowing of the Stryama River continues to be the main focus in the state. Today, regional governor Angel Stoev was at the scene, who called for more equipment and volunteers to help clean up the villages after the flood.

Angel Stoev: We need more equipment and more volunteers for the flood damageWe had 31 heavy machines in the field, today these machines are 69, he said

Ukrainians also joined the campaign:

Ukrainians from Second House in Karavelovo: We know what it is, that’s why we are hereThey brought water and food to the people in need

A 50-kilogram distressed dog was rescued from the submerged village of Karavelovo

Mecho was rescued from Karavelovo, he is being treated in KazanlakThe dog was dragged by the downpour and trapped between the logs

A man was beaten to death after drinking in the Plovdiv village of Milevo. There is also an arrestee in the case.

A 41-year-old man was arrested for the murder after a drunken binge in the village of MilevoThe drunken brawl took place on the night of Saturday and Sunday

After the derby on Saturday, the Plovdiv police announced that a 19-year-old Botev fan had been detained, and the work to establish the identity of other fans who threw seats, bombs and rockets was ongoing.

A 19-year-old Botev fan was arrested after the derby, the identity of more fans is being establishedThe supporter is banned from attending matches for two years and will perform 60 hours of community service

Today it became clear that the Volkswagen that flew over the roundabout near the Water Palace was driven by a drunk man.

The driver who flew over the roundabout of the Water Palace was handsomely treatedThe car was repatriated days after the accident

And something positive today – fans of the “Crossroads Stage” festival lined up in front of the ticket office of the Drama Theater again this year. The forum will be opened on September 10

Crossroads Stage Festival Ticket QueueThe opening is on September 10 at 7 p.m.

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