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Vatican City-State, April 2014.
An extraordinary event is coming. Two of the most revered popes – Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II – will be canonized. S what are they different, why were they chosen, what are the conditions for canonization and how is the preparation for this important event going on. The cardinals and their cronies are talking.

April 27, 2014, 10:00 a.m., St. Peter’s Square, Vatican City.

It takes place in the Holy City The canonization of John XXIII and John Paul IIannounced by Pope Francis at the end of September 2013.

The official event is the most visited in the world after the pilgrimage in memory of John Paul II.

The Italian capital awaits the arrival of over 2 million pilgrims.
The official guests are over 50 heads of state and delegations from 100 countries as well as 15 cardinals, 1000 priests and delegates from non-Catholic religions.
Traffic is high and predicts 17000 the bus, 60 flights, dozens of special trains.

The event is of global importance and draws attention to Rome, so it must be certain that there will be no problems.
The city has been mobilized with additional police protection and emergency public transport, assures the Mayor of Rome – Ignazio Marino.


Special attention and additional security measures are required due to the spontaneity of Pope Francisc, who frequently and unexpectedly breaks protocol by communicating freely. Not only in this sense, Francis is a real follower of the ideas of his predecessors, who will be sanctified.

Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II have their differences, but also common appeals, which creates a moment of unification and good feelings.


John XXIII was elected Pope in 1958 and convened The Second Vatican Council, with which he tries to bring the services and liturgies of the Bimillennial Church closer to people in the twentieth century. He was sent from this world in 1963 and left behind a small schism between those who approved and those who did not approve of his too liberal views. John XXIII appealed for modern ecclesiastical thinking and encouraged priests to open their minds and get out of centralized canons and bureaucracy.


After 400 years, the Pole John Paul II was the first pope not from Italy. He was elected in 1978 and remains the most charismatic in the history of his time. He survived an assassination attempt in 1981 and was a leading figure in the struggle against dictatorship during the Cold War. Calls for freedom of religion. Apologizes for banning Galileo from The Roman Catholic Church and on Christian anti-Semitism. It affirms the Church’s position against abortion and the taking of life. A favorite of young Catholics, it attracts millions of young people to World Youth Day. He is particularly known for his concern for the poor and vulnerable. Although criticized in conservatism, John Paul II takes steps for justice for victims of sexual abuse in the Church. He tried to reform the seminaries and get out of the boredom of the early Christian sermons.


John XXIII and John Paul II are undoubtedly the most outstanding leaders of the Church in the twentieth century, revered by Catholics and non-Catholics alike, creating a light for the unification of all believers.


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