The EU is concerned by Erdogan’s hostile rhetoric against Greece

The EU is concerned by Erdogan’s hostile rhetoric against Greece
The EU is concerned by Erdogan’s hostile rhetoric against Greece

On Monday The EU expressed concern over the Turkish president’s remarks Recep Tayyip Erdogan against Greece and called on the parties to a peaceful dialogue in dealing with bilateral problems in the relations between Athens and Ankara, writes “Ahval”.

“We are aware of these hostile remarks by Turkey’s political leadership against Greece and the Greek natione and this is a source of concern, they are of really serious concern,” commented EU foreign affairs spokesman Peter Stano.

“The position of the EU was and remains very clear, we we expect Turkey to refrain from escalating rhetoric and engage with the promotion of good neighborly relationsnot the other way around,” the EU official said.

Earlier this week Erdogan warned Greece not to “go too far.”” against the backdrop of heightened tensions surrounding territorial disputes.

When the time comes, we will do what is necessaryFr. As we say, suddenly, we can come for one night“, explains the Turkish leader.

Relations between Ankara and Athenswhich remain tense over a number of issues for decades, have deteriorated to their worst state since the 1990s, when the countries were on the brink of war. In the recent months Turkey has accused Greece of militarizing its islands near the Turkish coast in violation of international agreements. Greece denies the accusations.

Ankara accuses American and European politicians of unfairly taking Greece’s side in the dispute.

Last month, Turkey said Greek S-300 surface-to-air missiles targeted Turkish F-16 fighter jets on a reconnaissance mission in international airspace, the Greek Reporter said. Greek military sources denied the claim.

Erdogan again threatens Greece with consequences for provocations

He recalled moments of history and accused of occupation

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