And today, the police caught dozens of drunk drivers

Within the past day, a total has been established 31 drivers who got behind the wheel after drinking alcohol – 14 of them drove after consuming alcohol from 0.5 to 1.2 per thousand, 17 – with more than 1.2 per 1000, and five refused to be tested. They were caught driving under the influence of narcotic substances or their analogues 21 people, and seven stopped for inspection have refused to be tested. This is reported by the Ministry of the Interior.

8292 motor vehicles were checked as part of the ordered specialized police operation to comply with the Road Traffic Act. A control was carried out 10,918 drivers and passengers. 2,272 slips and 625 acts for established administrative violations were drawn up.

Traffic police caught 22 drunk and 13 drugged drivers in one day

2,720 slips and 666 reports of violations were drawn up

From the summary data: according to the “linear control” method, they are checked in general 1608 vehicles and 1933 drivers and passengers; for established violations, 476 slips and 125 AUAN were drawn up. Four drivers were found to have driven after consuming alcohol up to 1.2 per thousand, and another four – with more than 1.2 per thousand. Four drivers were found to be driving under the influence of narcotic substances or their analogues.

Traffic police on wide-ranging hunt for drunk and drugged drivers

Incidents on the road do not stop despite increased control

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