Iran sentences two gay activists to death

A court in Iran has sentenced two women activists to death for the rights of homosexuals, reported AFP.

Iran executes two over protests

Men were accused of being “enemies of God”

The charges against them are for promoting homosexuality, Christianity and communication with media opposed to the regime, activists said on Monday. They called on the international community to pressure Iran to halt the execution of the sentences.

The two women, Zahra Sedigy Hamedani, 31, and Elham Choubdar, 24, were sentenced to death by a court in the northwestern city of Urmia, Kurdish rights organization Hengaw said.

Another woman named Soheila Ashrafi, 52, from Urmia, has been arrested in the same case and is waiting to hear her sentence.

Iran sentences journalist who inspired 2017 protests to death.

Ruhollah Zam returned from Paris to Iran under unclear circumstances

They were informed of the sentencewhile they were detained in the women’s wing of the Urmia prison.

In a brief statement the Iranian judiciary confirmed that the sentences had been handed down.

Homosexuality is forbidden in Iran for both men and women.

We recall that activists often accuse Iran of repressing those who disagree with the regime or various minorities.

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