Botev is selling a main midfielder for hours, it’s not Tonev

Botev Plovdiv is negotiating with a Turkish club for the sale of midfielder Emmanuel Toku, and this is one of the reasons why Dimitar Tonev will not be transferred to Beroe.

The Toku deal should be done in the coming days as the transfer window in Turkey closes on September 8. The Ghanaian took part in Botev’s final training session last night.

Toku, who has 59 games with the “yellow-black” team, has played poorly this season and this is the reason why he is looking for a new team, since the fans have not liked him lately. In him they also see the main culprit behind the loss to city rivals Lokomotiv this weekend. This is the main reason why Toku has to be sold urgently. Moreover, his high salary does not correspond to what he has shown on the field in the last 7-8 games.

With the sale of the Ghanaian, Botev’s midfield is exposed and this is probably the reason why Tonev was not released to Beroe. The option of hanging the documents for Stara Zagora was dropped at the first reading, because recently the director of the “yellow and black” German Chistyakov announced that Botev has the most professional team in Bulgaria.

Apart from Tonev, Botev also expects the inclusion of the Spanish midfielder Antonio Perera, who was bought injured and is now recovering.

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