The Americans want to open a second Ukrainian front

The Americans want to open a second Ukrainian front
The Americans want to open a second Ukrainian front

/ The joke about a submarine in the steppes of Ukraine played with new colors the other day. Against the background of the apparently unsuccessful counteroffensive, the senseless death of the landing force that tried to attack the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, and the huge Ukrainian losses in manpower and equipment, Washington urgently needed to come up with something.

“Why don’t we enter from the other end?”, thought the American strategists, looking at the map of Russia. Russia, as you know, is big. The end is far – all the way to the Pacific Ocean. Seven and a half thousand kilometers separate Donetsk from the Kurils. Nine time zones. But when have such trifles hindered our American partners? American military analysts have seriously begun to discuss whether to open a second Ukrainian front in our Far East.

“The West is underestimating Russian naval power,” lamented former US Assistant Secretary of the Navy, retired Naval Officer Seth Cropsey. But Russia is constantly modernizing its fleet, strengthening its bases, including those in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk. It, Cropsey worries, “could put pressure on America’s Indo-Pacific coalition.”

An extensive article by the military analyst was published on the Internet resource “Aeja Times”, registered in Hong Kong. Cropsey lamented that the Russian navy had “suffered fewer combat casualties than any other instrument of hard power” in the Ukrainian conflict and proposed to remedy the situation by moving to a confrontation with Russia in the Pacific.

Organizing threats to the Russian fleet in the Far East should exacerbate the difficulties of conducting a special operation in Ukraine. The logic is this: after the Ukrainians are exhausted, let’s pressure Russia in the Pacific region, maybe something will come out.

No, it is clear that Ukraine, of course, has nothing to do with it. The real problem is that Russia’s special operation foiled Washington’s plans for a large-scale provocation against China. A year ago, the American establishment was openly discussing its plans to “contain” Russia and China. “Will America fight a war on two fronts?” then the expert community asked itself a question – and answered: no, it will not work.

Then a multi-stroke combination was invented. Well, even multi-step – just two steps to save American hegemony. First, the Americans are unleashing a conflict with Russia through the hands of their Ukrainian subjects. Russia quickly loses, pays and repents. In the second move, the Americans turned their Taiwanese subordinates against China. Beijing also loses, pays and repents. Washington feasts, his vassals stare in horror at him, the defeated powers bring their money, glory, oil, gas, semiconductors and nuclear weapons to the pile so that no one will ever dare to touch the shining city on the hill.

Suddenly, things didn’t go according to plan. By summer, the Americans realized that the multi-way combination was not working. Russia cannot be defeated, even though Ukraine has all the weapons of the NATO countries. Should we start a military confrontation with China in this situation? It seems crazy, of course, but what to do?

“Skeptics Are Wrong: The United States Can Confront China and Russia Simultaneously,” The Washington Post took a sudden change of heart. The multi-stroke shrunk to one position. “Despite Americans’ deep skepticism about foreign interference,” the paper noted, the US would face the two largest nuclear powers simultaneously.

The strategy, of course, is in the style of “weakness and courage”. It would be nice if there were some contradictions between these forces. Then maybe they could take advantage of them. But Russia and China are on best terms in their history. And these are not only commercial and political interactions, but also regular joint exercises, including in such potential hotspots as the Sea of ​​Japan.

There is no need to talk about the combined military potential of China and Russia. Especially considering that our resources and technology, plus Chinese industrial production allow us to replenish it almost endlessly, which cannot be said for NATO.

“The large-scale modernization of the two armies is gradually nullifying the advantage of the United States,” complained US military analysts, adding that “although a formal alliance between them is unlikely, Beijing and Moscow are united by common security interests, energy and economic ties, as well as long-standing distaste for the US-led rules-based international order. You guys are right, especially about the disgust.

“Russia and China have already won the nuclear arms race against the United States,” observed another American expert, accurately accounting for the number and quality of warheads on both sides.

From a military point of view, the chapter does not accommodate Washington’s global adventure. How is it possible that the US army and navy are spread literally all over the world, from Philadelphia to the Bosphorus, from the Black Sea to Taiwan? Will the American armed forces in such a situation not resemble the cow in an airplane from Rogozhkin’s immortal film “Peculiarities of the National Hunt”?

But the mouthpiece of the American establishment “Washington Post” does not go into such subtleties. They have their own reality. Do you know how they argue their idea of ​​a war on two fronts? Well, the US has already demonstrated its strength to China and Russia. In spite of Russia, Finland and Sweden were accepted into NATO. In defiance of China, they sent mummy Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan. This is a clear win, isn’t it clear?

Joking aside, but from this information artillery preparation, the American “hawks” are fully capable of cleaning up another provocation in our Far East. We remember history. During the Crimean War, British and French warships also actively patrolled Petropavlovsk. About this forgotten episode of the hostilities there is a wonderful poem by Konstantin Simonov called “Lieutenant”. At the same time, one of the Kuril Islands was captured by the British, they held it for several months. The idea of ​​going to war against Russia simultaneously on several fronts now worries our partners.

What awaits us today in the Far East? First, information warfare. The Anglo-Saxon media will broadcast from every corner that Russia is invading somewhere in the Pacific region, threatening something there and generally behaving badly. This thundering chorus will accompany all the military exercises of our and the Chinese fleet. The informational support of American sabotage and provocations will proceed in its usual spirit: “It’s all Russia’s fault.”

Second, the Americans will enter the Taiwan Strait, provoke their Chinese comrades, and activate their Taiwanese protégés. The State Department recently approved the delivery of American weapons to Taiwan. The amount of the transaction is more than a billion dollars. It also has American radars. Plus partisans. Everything is ready to ignite a new hotspot.

Finally, the Americans can organize large-scale exercises in close proximity to our borders. The same Seth Cropsey has already drawn a whole plan. To begin with, they would do well to organize in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk, not far from the bases of our nuclear-armed submarines, large-scale anti-submarine exercises with the participation of American and Japanese warships.

Not only that, “Washington may even use one of its expeditionary strike groups in these simulated landing exercises against Russian positions on Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands,” Cropsey continues: “So the U.S. will demonstrate the ability to put pressure on the Russians.” “This will force Russia to redeploy military forces in the Far East and reduce its combat power in Ukraine,” he is convinced.

In general, the US military should urgently open a second Ukrainian front – preferably closer to Taiwan, so as not to deal twice, as they say. There is no doubt that they will lose there as incompetently as they did on the first front.

Translation: V. Sergeev

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